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  1. backfire after DV 007p install :(

    probley find its the 02 sensor bank 1
  2. traction control

    thanks mate but it had a new maf last week
  3. traction control

    Hi guys hope you can help my tc light has come on so that mean my tc is of and wont turn on could it be the switch or something more serious
  4. (Solved) Sounds like something is about to fall off noise...

    are u sure the spare wheel loose in the boot or something is sitting in the spare wheel well
  5. Ibiza Fr 1.9tdi 130bhp poor mpg

    Is it getting up to temperature
  6. LCR No boost!!! Limp mode?

    I would put money on the maf
  7. Maf sensor 1.8t

    Yer mate just give them the old they refurbished them as long as it is a bosh unit Sent from my GT-N7000
  8. Maf sensor 1.8t

    U have to give them your old one Sent from my GT-N7000
  9. autobahn88 tip

    mine fitted bob on
  10. Maf sensor 1.8t

    euro car parts where doing for £69 quid not long ago
  11. Symtoms of bad n75 valve ? 1.8t

    Cone filter will kill ya maf mate like i say u are stabbing in the dark until you get your codes read :cry: thats why i got rid of my 1.8t did everything on that still could not get to run right
  12. Symtoms of bad n75 valve ? 1.8t

    They dont in England bud
  13. tom tom holder?

    eBay best plate mate or Amazon
  14. Symtoms of bad n75 valve ? 1.8t

    Sorry to upset you mate there is noway you can map a maf sensor out.
  15. Symtoms of bad n75 valve ? 1.8t

    I will bet ya its ya maf sensor mate :cry: Have you had the codes read you say the revs fluctuate at idle this is ya maf sensor. You can test for faulty maf by unplugging it and see if your car drives better.
  16. Symtoms of bad n75 valve ? 1.8t

    Sound like a maf sensor to me
  17. Remap help

    To carry on from a old post. I had my bmw remapped today has he was here the mate i sold the bora showed up. We got talking an i told him about the bora he said he would have a look for fee so he plugged it in and had a look at the map. He was shocked to what he found out none of the fine tuning...
  18. Remap help

    No mate sold it brought s BMW 320d instead but the bloke i sold it still has the same problem but he not botherd about. Sent from my GT-N7000
  19. Help cupra or fr

    So which year is the face lift version :)
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