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  1. Mihai A.

    Which external bulbs can be upgraded to LED

    You might be right and this could very well be LED. The replacement here will just be a "flowing light" similar to the Audi ones. It's the only other light which you can upgrade, it doesn't really belong anywhere.
  2. Mihai A.

    Which external bulbs can be upgraded to LED

    It's also worth nothing that the mirror turn signals can also be upgraded to led
  3. Mihai A.

    It's Arrived...

    Just done 560 miles the other day. It was such a bliss to drive with the adaptive cruise and lane assist. I felt like driving a Tesla.
  4. Mihai A.

    Hello, newbie here.....

    Welcome !
  5. Mihai A.

    New 2020 OEM Quality Chrome Car Badges (Group buy)

    PAID IN FULL, 1. Syphon x1 (29/06/2020) 2. Jimbobcook x2 (29/06/2020) 3. Vanaaken x1 (29/06/2020) 4. dereks01 x1 (29/06/2020) 5. Ian Sturgess x1 (29/06/2020) 6. Yellow fr x1 (30/06/2020 7. Nathan Penney x1 ( 30/6/2020) 8. Stuart Miller 30.06.20 9. Maypack (30/06/2020) 10. Lozzy15 (30/06/2020)...
  6. Mihai A.

    Hand gestures and park assist - tech help

    You have to put it into drive/reverse, and accelerate/brake. The car will only control the steering wheel.
  7. Mihai A.


    Pretty sure they'll be selling these new at over £45k, put them on a business loan plan or let the employees drive them, get them 3000-4000 miles on the dash and then give them to the dealerships to sell for 39k on pcps making about £50k from them.
  8. Mihai A.

    New 2020 OEM Quality Chrome Car Badges (Group buy)

    So what's the news with the badges? :)
  9. Mihai A.

    Hand gestures and park assist - tech help

    Hi Mike Regarding the park assist, I found it works best when you give the car plenty of time to scan its surroundings. So don't just pull up next to the spot and start pressing buttons then, as its too late. My method is the following: As you have seen the parking spot and have decided on it...
  10. Mihai A.

    17, 18, 19 Wheels

    The 19s are not only uncomfortable, but they bring out the worst in the build quality, the whole car squeaks, and rattles. I now have a mild form of traumatic stress. If I were you, I'd stick with 17", cheaper tyres, better comfort.
  11. Mihai A.

    Mib2 Map Updates 2020/2021 (June 2020 release)

    Oh here we go again
  12. Mihai A.

    Changing the Rear Indicators to LED

    No to both your questions
  13. Mihai A.

    Sat nav update?

    What year is the car?
  14. Mihai A.

    Any news on Facelift Seat Ateca?

    Finally they gave up on the glossy rubbish plastics and introduced aluminum. Or is that some sort of fake wood design? 100x Better than those squeaky easy to scratch plastics.
  15. Mihai A.

    2020 SEAT Ateca

    Not a fan of this writing font and that simple 4 thrown in there.
  16. Mihai A.

    what have you done to your car today ?

    I bought a spare wheel as it didnt come with one and cut a piece of 65x65x5mm polystyrene to fit the spacesaver and jacking tools inside it. Switched the mirrors from folding when "long pressed" to "single click", as its not winter anymore.
  17. Mihai A.

    Rear boot spoiler

    I'm looking for one as well
  18. Mihai A.

    Android Auto

    I too am starting to see this. Never had issue with CarPlay, always on AndroidAuto and always on Samsung. Android10 cured most of my issues with AA except me having to connect 3-4 times before it finally starts.
  19. Mihai A.

    Android Auto

    Are there OEM Seat phone leads ?
  20. Mihai A.

    Android Auto

    Its definitely the Unit. We all have the same issue, but different leads and phones. It appears CarPlay has no such errors
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