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  1. Cougar

    what did you and your mk3 leon do today

    Drove 350 miles North back to Scotland today! Started really sunny in the midlands. Weather slowly deteriorated the further North I went!
  2. Cougar

    V power diesel and the like

    I only get V Power if I get stuck with it at the pumps! Which happened on the way home from Scotland the other day! Still, work picked up the bill for that trip so I made sure to fill the tank to the very top... Not sure I ever notice a difference though. Some times I think I may have but...
  3. Cougar

    less than 1 month old....

    Not just on this car, but on my previous, you soon develop this habit for parking miles away in a car park just because it looks like a spot where people are less likely to park alongside you just to avoid the car park dings!
  4. Cougar

    what did you and your mk3 leon do today

    Today my Mk3 and I stayed at home to avoid the crap weather :P Boring I guess but hey - ho!
  5. Cougar

    Test Drive

    All the same reasons that I chose to upgrade from my Mk2 FL mentioned in there :) I don't look back at all either! I hope you enjoy the rest of your test-drive as much as you have the first 84 miles!!
  6. Cougar

    2 Questions for you guys.

    My car was built sometime towards the front end of last year (picked it up early May 2013) and the mirror tilt function works as described in the manual! I was one of the luck ones I think :P
  7. Cougar

    Tech Pack - Worth it?

    Get it! If you regret it I'll eat my... my Satnavs SD card!
  8. Cougar

    How much is the new cupra??

    SCN Cupra Full Details Here :) Prices start at £25,690 supposedly! Hope this helps!
  9. Cougar

    Tech Pack - Worth it?

    Ditto what AJ has just said. I can't say I have used the DAB radio much because I always have my iPod connected to the car! But the LED Headlights are brilliant! Not only do they look the part they equally as good in function! And the Satnav is ALWAYS useful to have! Especially for those...
  10. Cougar

    Monsoon or Technik Grey?

    I like the Technic grey as well. Reminds me of the old platinum colour.
  11. Cougar

    HELP! Is the 1.4TSI engine fragile and unreliable?

    +1 to this. I also had a Boc a few years ago and did just under 15000 miles in her without having any issues bar a little fuse. I'd also happily own another one if they still made them! :)
  12. Cougar

    Interesting modifications...

    Lol! Probably all its good for now :D
  13. Cougar

    Parking the Car in "N"

    Haha, I used to live in Thailand when I was younger and in a multi-story car park it was standard practice to leave cars parked across the ones occupying the bays - provided you left the handbrake off! Some car-parks even employed staff who's job it was to keep moving cars up and down to...
  14. Cougar


    Hey and welcome to the world of SCN! :)
  15. Cougar

    2014 2.0 TDI 150PS Dyno Results

    Wow :O Incredible results there! May be an investment coming round the corner soon.... ;)
  16. Cougar

    Parking the Car in "N"

    This may sound stupid but surely you can just leave it in 'Neutral' then turn the ignition off? I'm sure I could do that in my Ibiza...
  17. Cougar

    Interesting modifications...

    Trying to hunt it down... [B)]
  18. Cougar

    Interesting modifications...

    So I was browsing Autotrader this evening and I found this: I found it striking enough to share with you fine folk! :) See more here!
  19. Cougar

    Bye bye Leon.....

    Looks amazing mate, have loads of fun! :)
  20. Cougar

    Seat Keyring

    Ordered !! :lol: Just couldn't resist... can't believe I haven't eBayed these before!
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