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  1. Remove cupholders in mk3 Leon?

    I feel your pain. The cupholders in the facelifted Mk3 Leon are totally pathetic. They might as well have put 1 decent sized one there as you can't even fit 2 small takeaway cups in there together.
  2. Speeding !!!!!!!!

    I can only assume you're being deliberately obtuse as you've missed my point entirely.
  3. Speeding !!!!!!!!

    So I assume there was a purpose to you driving fast back then. Don't act like driving at 105mph on roads shared with the general public doesn't come with risks because you've done it before. I like to think police trained in high speed pursuits appreciate that as well.
  4. How many miles do you get on a full tank?

    Sounds very low to me. I could get that if I tried, but if I'm just driving normally in town I get 25-30mpg. Overall average is probably in the region of 33mpg.
  5. Speeding !!!!!!!!

    Yes! 170km/h definitely sounds reckless on a single carriageway regardless of a driver's ability.
  6. Stolen Cupra

    This is true, but most Leon lease deals include a very small first payment. Mine was about £700 so I have not deemed gap insurance necessary. I understand that if you'd just put £3k down as a first payment and it was stolen after a week that would sting a little.
  7. Creaking windows

    I would definitely try cleaning all the door seals and door shuts with a clean cloth and warm water first, no soap or anything. If you try using a lubricant it can definitely make it worse in the long run. My previous Golf GTI was terrible for it so I just cleaned the seals every time I cleaned...
  8. Breaching into the MK3 world...

    Jumping in on this one... but a very common issue with the mk3 has been water appearing in the rear light clusters (especially the outside rear lights). While there is sometimes a visible crack, I had to have 2 rear lights replaced under warranty on my first Leon because they had water in them...
  9. Not why you buy a CUPRA but...

    I think the differences reported here are somewhat overstated. Yes they are different but in 16 years of driving, I've not had a single engine problem that I'd link to fuel.
  10. Cupra 300 Stolen - Gutted

    Absolutely rubbish. It seems these sorts of break ins with forced entry are becoming more common as people are fitting anti-snap locks. These are definitely the sorts of criminals you'd prefer to take your car easily than struggle and confront you. What area of the UK are you in?
  11. Keep SEAT Leon Cupra 290 or upgrade to Audi S3 or even Golf R

    I went to the supermarket last night and the car park didn't have any Cupras in it . True story.
  12. Not why you buy a CUPRA but...

    How many EA888 engines have you damaged with 95 RON fuel?
  13. Keep the diesel or opt for a petrol?

    I'd only swap if you want a new car - it would rarely make financial sense to buy a newer one. Not trying to put you off of course. If you'd like a change and can afford it then getting a new car is always exciting.
  14. Manual gearbox Cupra, no more, where do I look next?

    I'm maybe a bit odd as I had a DSG Golf GTI Mk7 for 2 years and went back to a manual with a Cupra 300. I didn't hate the automatic but I just prefer manual. I've been back with the manual for 6 months now and rarely do I wish I had the DSG again. For me, the auto was only better when doing...
  15. GAP Insurance for Contract Hire/Leasing

    Are you sure that example was for PCH though, rather than PCP? My understanding was your insurance company will settle with the lease company directly whatever is outstanding. Obviously you'd still be liable for any excess though but that's no different to writing off your own vehicle.
  16. GAP Insurance for Contract Hire/Leasing

    £8k though? The car must have been under insured. Let's say the car is £30k new and you write it off after a year - if the lease company valued it at £25k, that's the insurance company only giving you £17k. It shouldn't happen to that extent.
  17. GAP Insurance for Contract Hire/Leasing

    I generally avoid getting insurance unless I have to legally, or just simply couldn't afford it if something went wrong. This is not sound advice just my own take on it(!). Obviously the insurance company will make sure the premiums cover their costs with the difference being their profit margin...
  18. Leon Leasing

    Looks like that's the same as this deal on - (inc VAT that's £218 a month). Interestingly, it's listed as business in both but on the SEAT Warrington website they include VAT which is normally only the case for...
  19. Leon Leasing is your best bet as that searches loads of places at once -
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