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  1. 19-20' GPF Cupra ST 4D/R Revo, JB4, rest of local-foreign tuners Dragy times???

    2019 Cupra R ST (GPF) with ABT MST elbow & hose. aFe panel filter Revo carbon airscoop Conti tyres 99ron 0-60mph = 3.95s 0-100kph = 4.18s 1/4 Mile = 12.22s 100-200kph = 11.06s
  2. Updating the inbuilt Mib2 Satnav / Mib2 tricks and lost Mib1 card solution

    Tested all working as expected so far here 👍🏼
  3. Custom remap (stage 1) plus "???"

    Not TVS ECU specifically, but those are the kinds times I’ve seen with proper stage 1 ECU tunes ( Revo and custom ) combined with TVS TCU tune.
  4. Custom remap (stage 1) plus "???"

    No there is no smartphone app with the 10hz accuracy of a dragy GPS device, smartphone GPS has a resolution of 1hz. Your tuner is correct, id reckon you will see 0-100 in region of ~3.6-3.7 and 100-200 ~9.5-9.8 based on others with these cars when 'properly' tuned. Its going to be quick. TVS...
  5. Custom remap (stage 1) plus "???"

    My experience is very good to be honest. Car does 3.95 second 0-60, 1/4 mile in 12.2 and 100-200kph in 11.04. I do have similar intake mods to you. I’d expect the TVS tuned car to do much better than these times however !!!
  6. Custom remap (stage 1) plus "???"

    Awesome result that. I’ll be going TVS when the warranty runs out on my R ST ABT for sure now that we can get this in the U.K. also.
  7. SW update for MIB2 infotainment system?

    0515 is the latest. check out Eastyorkshire retrofits, Link in this thread somewhere
  8. SW update for MIB2 infotainment system?

    You can buy updates now from Eastyorksretrofit for £20
  9. DSG paddle extensions for R ST.

    Got these on my R ST. Perfect colour match for interior copper also.
  10. SW update for MIB2 infotainment system?

    All I know is the East York’s retrofit guy is top notch. Great bloke and very professional. Got my eye on ACC and HBA at some point in the future from him
  11. SW update for MIB2 infotainment system?

    I had my car in for its first year service last month, asked them to update my unit from 0514 to 0515 whilst they had it due to general instability of apple Carplay. They found the 0515 on the TPI update server but told me Seat haven’t made it available for them to download yet and they would...
  12. CPLAY2air

    Great feedback and write up thank you. My adapter hasn't arrived yet, but good to know about the little tips like removing from home wifi and car bluetooth first !! Have you tried any voice calling on it ? Any lag or anything on that ? edit: Spoke to soon... guess what’s just arrived :) edit...
  13. CPLAY2air

    I’ve actually just ordered one myself now. When I had the 20% offer the dongle was full price at £126.95. It’s on offer already at £102.95 and then with your 10% discount code I’ve just paid £92 for it. Hopefully it works well !!! We shall see
  14. CPLAY2air

    I nearly bought one of these the other month. I recall that i added to my basket, filled out my details, then never went through with the purchase. I later received a text message with a link that had a 20% off the adapter on it. Never bought it though !! Still thinking about it.
  15. Updating the inbuilt Mib2 Satnav / Mib2 tricks and lost Mib1 card solution

    Yeah that’s the ‘latest’ one. We are still waiting for this year’s map update however..... it’s worryingly late this year
  16. Facelift build quality

    2019 R ST built April 2019. Rattles galore but I’ve tried to tackle them one by one with bits of foam, felt or silicone spray. Only one I’ve not been able to solve is somewhere around the headliner/sunroof at the front. (It’s not a creaking sunroof, regular treatment with silicone solves that...
  17. Updating the inbuilt Mib2 Satnav / Mib2 tricks and lost Mib1 card solution

    All gone quiet on the map update front ? Any updates on this @Tell Wonder if the file size of the maps has become a problem or something ????
  18. Updating the inbuilt Mib2 Satnav / Mib2 tricks and lost Mib1 card solution

    I’m only asking as I’m very interested in any experience or info on this 0515 software. Thought maybe you would know, that’s all. Why would you be so defensive about me asking this ??? Anyway this thread is about Navigation Map updates, there is software update threads all over this forum...
  19. Updating the inbuilt Mib2 Satnav / Mib2 tricks and lost Mib1 card solution

    How do you know it fixes this bug ? Is there a description on the TPI server what 0515 fixes ?
  20. Eco Mode, Fuel Additives and Start Stop Opinions.

    I think I don’t drive the car enough that’s all. Only done 4K in the last year. Stop start comes back whenever I do a long enough drive to warm the car up. Its the same on all my cars I have/had with stop/start, so its performing exactly as I’d expect it to.
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