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  1. kazand

    Rear screenwash not working?

    Any other issues with boot lid? If it thinks it's not 'shut' washer may not operate
  2. kazand

    Missing front fog lights

    Yeah I've got a f/l with them having had a 280 & 290 that didn't. Never use them .
  3. kazand

    Help with cable

    Most trailer sockets are only rated at 12/24dc and wouldn't necessarily be sufficient for what looks like a 1.5-2kw fan heater running at Mains voltage. A quick search on the net provides several examples of IP68 connectors,.and not at extortionate prices either...
  4. kazand

    Single Phase Electric Motor Help

    Can you post some pictures of the rating plate etc? Single phase single speed will usually have just two wires, if you have 6 it is possibly a 3 phase motor and, as such, will not work on domestic single phase.
  5. kazand

    Surely i dont need a clutch?

    My wife is down as the owner of our Leon, as she drives it during the week
  6. kazand

    Turn off "infotainment" screen but keep music playing?

    Used to be that you only got low washer warning with headlamp washers. Certainly first 280 didn't have one. Dunno bout current 300 as I always top it up every couple of weeks as A. I'm sure the wife drinks it and B. She once put anti freeze in a previous car's washer bottle....
  7. kazand

    Turn off "infotainment" screen but keep music playing?

    Don't forget the non adjustable seat belts and lack of low washer fluid warning...
  8. kazand

    Wheel rust should I worry

    I wouldn't put anything like WD40 near brakes... Not if you want them to carry on working...
  9. kazand

    Tyre fitter damaged alloy

    Anyone recommend an independent in Birmingham area ? The one I used (BJ Bannings ) has ceased trading ☹️
  10. kazand

    MK3 Led Headlights vs Mk3 facelift LED Headlights

    I went from a xenon equipped MK2 LCR to a 280... It was like having a bag on your head...
  11. kazand

    Electric mirror hitting window.

    Had the mirror hitting window issue after a coming together with another motor forced the mirror the wrong way. Could be reset ok but when folded it would thwack into the door glass. Don't know what the issue was as the body shop changed it along with other bits that the kamikaze pilot took out
  12. kazand

    DirectLine.. Useless or just me?

    Bloody hell. Glad you are ok, that looks horrendous.
  13. kazand

    Car won't start - starter motor failure?

    Have you tried rocking it in gear to see if the starter is actually stuck in?
  14. kazand

    Boot Gas Struts

    Welcome back!
  15. kazand

    Cupra 290 vs 300

    It's been said before :happy:
  16. kazand

    Cupra 290 ordered, joining the club soon

    Welcome, good choice of colour!
  17. kazand

    Leon Cupra 2019 and sound level?

    Just a thought, have you disconnected or turned down the soundaktor?
  18. kazand

    Hi - new Cupra owner

    Welcome, keep an eye on the white trim on the buckets, it had a rep for cracking...
  19. kazand

    Door ding protection options

    Oh yes, the wife saw her do it. Some stupid person in an old Qashqui. Looked at it and said "I didn't do it" despite there being blue paint on the edge of her door. She then promptly walked off. There is a lot more I could say but ... Had a quote from a chap who has done work for me before...
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