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  1. Leon FR Mk3 - Mirror issue

    I have just developed this problem after 18 months of having my cupra. I will give it a try, thanks.
  2. Safety pack - do I have it?

    Sorry for the spam but I don't know if my other thread got coverage. Hi guys, I picked up my 280 cupra a few weeks ago now with all of the options (apart from leather.) I have checked out the winter and driver packs but I can't seem to see any evidence of the safety pack. I'm sure the...
  3. safety pack - do i even have it?

    This is where I got it from. (I have driven everywhere in comfort mode and never exceeded 70 on the motorway - this is ok right?) Anything on the safety pack? i'm a noob to having a brand new car!
  4. safety pack - do i even have it?

    Hi guys, I picked up my 280 cupra a few weeks ago now with all of the options (apart from leather.) I have checked out the winter and driver packs but I can't seem to see any evidence of the safety pack. I'm sure the safety pack was rear seatbelt indicators as well as a tiredness detection...
  5. Who's ordered a Leon Cupra

    I picked up my car today!!!! 4 long months and waiting. Bit of drama though, one of the wheels was kerbed and there's a really tiny dot of what looks like black paint near the fuel cap. We tried to polish it out but it still remains, I wasn't very happy and they have written to the HO as it...
  6. Who's ordered a Leon Cupra

    I ordered mine in mid march and was originally told to expect it at the end of may. Fast forward to the end of may and the car wasn't built until last week which I know isn't a terrible turnaround. The dealer whilst trying to make me feel better said that if I were to order the car today I...
  7. Who's ordered a Leon Cupra

    Awesome! What checklists do you lot use when picking up a new car?
  8. Who's ordered a Leon Cupra

    Cupra order Hi guys, Long term forum member with an ibiza Cupra since 2011 and then ordered a leon cupra back in March. I ordered with motorvogue in Northampton (bad reviews all round) but the dealer effectively gave me nearly 4k off and threw in a few extras which was hard to say no...
  9. Under seat storage boxes

    If you buy from Sere he gives the screws, else the sizes are given above in the OP and can be bought from any hardware shop. YOu will need to buy the bolt screws off ebay though! (or a hardware shop)
  10. Under seat storage boxes

    I fit the two boxes on Saturday with my dad. It's hard to get under to screw the nuts in so we ended up taking the seat bolts out temporarily. Took 20 minutes per seat as instructed. Pleased with the results :D
  11. Under seat storage boxes

    Just ordered these! I will also order the Lower Glovebox when it comes in! Thanks guys, will let you know how I get one with the tasks lol!.
  12. Newbie saying hi! (With pictures!)

    Unfortunately it cost too much to run and in turn cost me about 4k for 8 months ownership, I had a lot of fun in it and will look to buy it back at some point in the future. It's only my brother who is "looking after it" for me now anyway! The cupra is going well, I have put 800 miles on it...
  13. Newbie saying hi! (With pictures!)

    second time lucky! New and old cars together!:
  14. Newbie saying hi! (With pictures!)

    Photos are up now I have 15 posts! And one next to my old car/bro's car!
  15. Newbie saying hi! (With pictures!)

    I just had a look, unfortunately it's a bit too short notice for this weekend as I already have plans!, is this a regular occurance?
  16. How to enable confirmation beep when locking/unlocking **GUIDE** with Video

    i've alrwayds wondered about audible alarm sounds, but I get worried about the neighbours if I come home at2am or something! What other options can be enabled via the laptop? Anything worth having?
  17. Just been to see my FR

    looking good! I like the alloys. What spec do you have on the car (sat nav etc?)
  18. Seat Ibiza Colour Range

    I am biased to the Candy White but the lumina orange looks very smart indeed!
  19. Newbie saying hi! (With pictures!)

    What's inters? I presume it's a meet of some kind, where can I get details?
  20. Newbie saying hi! (With pictures!)

    wow 6 seconds would be awesome on a car this size. I think the R was 5.5 and because it was so wide and leisurely it never felt that fast! I wish I could have specced the additional stuff like xenons and racing brakes but I never bought it new. Oh well next time maybe. Only a few mroe...
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