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    Not all Cupra Rs have the pan roof,it’s an option.
  2. MY69 Seat cupra issues

    Maybe,but I would be saying to the dealer that I’d only done 600 miles,the wheel wasn’t centred from day one and this is the first chance I’ve had to bring it back...
  3. 1.4 TSi ACT economy

    I had the 150 engine in an Ibiza for 3 years/30k miles. In general day to day stuff,mainly short trips,the mpg was always around 40. On a longer run it was very easy to get over 50. Ibiza was obviously lighter than a Leon so I would say consistent with your figures and OK,if you want better get...
  4. Is there a problem from installing brake caliper covers ?

    As I understand it these covers makes fine job of improving the brakes on old Vauxhall Corsas,but,as others have said,don’t really work well on Leons.
  5. Hard to get out marks when washing your car?

    To avoid most of the above issues the best plan is to keep a good wax coating on the car so that dirt and other contaminants don’t stick and are easily removed by a normal wash. I do this by using Aqua Wax ( or similar products) after every other weekly wash,having used a good quality shampoo...
  6. Cupra 300 vs Fiesta ST ?

    To go from a 4 cyl engine to a that progress,especially as to durability?
  7. Car Evaluation

    There’s one on Autotrader with sunroof etc.,but with 30k miles that’s priced at £17395. It’s got the orange wheels,don’t know whether they were standard on the Sub8, but it’s not a subtle look...
  8. Cupra Ateca wheels on a Leon Cupra

    Makes you wonder why bother with different wheels where the difference is a mere 5mm in offset... Winter wheels on my vRS have 16mm more offset than standard and car drives very well on them.
  9. Cupra Ateca wheels on a Leon Cupra

    I concur they will fit and are nice wheels,but how much? Manufacturers OEM wheels for current models are rarely other than very expensive in my experience
  10. 19” winter wheels for Brembos - Cupra ST300 4Drive Carbon

    I’m sure you need more offset with the spoke design on the TD wheels to clear the big brakes,so ET 40/42 I believe. With tight figments like these I would go to a big wheel supplier,like Demon Tweaks,so they can do a trial fit for you before you buy!
  11. 19” winter wheels for Brembos - Cupra ST300 4Drive Carbon

    That’s what I recall being said,but in the context of 18” wheels just managing to clear rather than having to stay with 19s. I also think that you need to have ET40 offset,and you will be going to 235/40/18 tyres.
  12. Tyre snow grips

    Peoples individual opinions don't count for a lot because they don't have experience of every tyre available. Look up the winter tyre tests.They rate each tyres performance in different conditions,so if snow traction is the most important to you then obviously go for the a tyre that comes top in...
  13. Brake disc and pad replacement tips

    Only thing I can add is that,lacking a proper wind back tool,I seem to remember that an angle grinder key will just about do the job!!
  14. Leon CUPRA R ST – now in importer stock

    Seat Norwich did me a good deal on a Carbon a year ago,£6k off list. Good time to go in with a low offer. The other thing is that the ABT ones will be desirable,without it,less so.
  15. Cupra Ateca review-Fifth Gear

    Still sold short IMO. As stated above,a road drive would have been more appropriate than abusing it off road. ...and the interior criticism was silly,it’s not supposed to be a cheap hot hatch like a Fiesta ST. Plus too many of the usual smart arse “I’m such a clever presenter”remarks,just stick...
  16. Seat Ibiza alloy wheels and winter tyres

    I will think about any offers on these.
  17. Are these Skoda VRS buckets nicer than the Cupra’s?

    Don't know much about the past models.Of course all vRS petrol are 245 now, and the standard seats are cloth/ alcantara as I said and aremanual. The upgraded seats, which you only get on the Challenge vRS, are alcantara/leather (or vinyl?) and electric.However the overall shape of the seats are...
  18. Are these Skoda VRS buckets nicer than the Cupra’s?

    I think I have said on here that I no longer have the Carbon edition.My daughter's partner was happy to buy it. It went because the wife found the seat cushions of the Cupra's bucket seats hard and lumpy (I could have tolerated them but knew what she meant). Anyway,we now have an Octavia vRS...
  19. Golf r estate or cupra st advice pls

    Like the 370 badge! Anyone see "Traffic Cops" this week? If so you may have noticed that Derbyshire Police were using an unmarked dark grey Cupra 300 ST. My Police informant tells me that some of their drivers prefer it to a Golf R!
  20. Ibiza wheels and winter tyres

    If anyone is interested I have some for sale,please see the parts for sale section.
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