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  1. Dolly_Gti

    Fuel Guage, Temp sensor and other faults :(

    yeah been reading up thanks. i checked the wiring but it felt ok. the fuel guage worked perfectly for about a week after this, then last night it went off once and came back. ive had no other issues for a week. i have decided to sell the car because i have 3 cars and i dont do the mileage to...
  2. Dolly_Gti

    having one big nightmare :@:@ bad remap???

    try Midland VW , they can sort you out
  3. Dolly_Gti

    Fuel Guage, Temp sensor and other faults :(

    thats a top tip with getting to the plug, ill defo give that a try, i probably will check the fuses , may as well
  4. Dolly_Gti

    Fuel Guage, Temp sensor and other faults :(

    well it come back to life for a day, then last night i lost, Fuel guage, Volts, Temp... then it works again this morning so pretty sure its cluster. gonna take it out today check the connections and then check the solder on the green plug i believe? not that ill see much. unfortunately...
  5. Dolly_Gti

    Fuel Guage, Temp sensor and other faults :(

    Hi people, i have a 52 Reg 130PD sport a couple of issues, the fuel gauge totally died but then come back to life after leaving the car for abit. At the same time the external temp display went to ---- ive got full vagcom, and i got faults with Fuel sender unit open circuit and...
  6. Dolly_Gti

    Desperate help needed!! R.i.p turbo

    i use... just had an exchange turbo for a 130PD £298 + Vat. comes with 12 months warranty and all the gaskets ect youll need. but it is 3 day turn round. cant recommend them enough. Im also in Wolves an although BMW trained have managed to do mine no problem, if your stuck
  7. Dolly_Gti

    CCM reprogramme issue

    stolen from Ross Tech. so it looks like it needs coding in. not sure about the boot though
  8. Dolly_Gti

    CCM reprogramme issue

    46 - Central Convenience: -- KWP1281 Only on vehicles with power windows. VCDS fine. There are numerous options/ features that can be set. Selective Unlocking: [Select] [46 - Cent. Conv.] (35 - Cent. Locking for manual window cars) [Recode - 07] Write down the existing coding for future...
  9. Dolly_Gti

    VCDS / VAG-COM Register - Who's got what and where?

    Full VCDS 11.11.4 and hex-can lead in West Midlands. Close to Birmingham Wolverhampton and Stafford.
  10. Dolly_Gti

    Ibiza 2.0 Cupra Sport GTI - Died "Again" :( email this guy in stoke might have something.
  11. Dolly_Gti

    Seat Cable Clutch conversion part

    nice to see thread search, i remember this thread first time round lol... but i cant help with you
  12. Dolly_Gti

    let see you backboxes!!

    Thats a poweflow on an 8v This is a janspeed on a 16v
  13. Dolly_Gti

    2007 2L 170 TDI oil service

    your a star, been looking people saying up to 5L. i was guessing 4-4.5 just need to quote him on the oil. good job i get it for less than £4 a litre lol* Before you add the VAT :(
  14. Dolly_Gti

    2007 2L 170 TDI oil service

    thats great thanks, save me using google, anyone know how much oil i need?
  15. Dolly_Gti

    2007 2L 170 TDI oil service

    i dont usually come over into this section but here goes: A friend of mine wants me to service his 2007 Leon, what's the recommended oil. I've got Castrol Edge 5w-30 Fully synthetic anyway ( i get trade and its what i happen to have in stock ) so it would be a massive bonus if its that...
  16. Dolly_Gti

    Show off your mk2 ibiza :)

    standards too high, i need to step in and lower then tone. this is what £200 tax and tested gets you:
  17. Dolly_Gti

    gearbox help

    isnt it an 02A box fitted?
  18. Dolly_Gti

    abf turning but wont fire

    on my last ibiza my snapon solus wouldnt access the engine ECU at all either. i guessed my problem and happily i got it right... crank sensor.
  19. Dolly_Gti

    abf turning but wont fire

    id say immoboliser since its all been out disconnected and the rest of it. i have a snap on solus fault code reader, however i dont know how much it will tell you, and im down Reading until Friday. :/
  20. Dolly_Gti

    8 or 16 valves Thoughts please

    supercharge 8v and your away. but N/A 16v all day
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