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  1. ZBOYD

    Hello Hello Hello

    Hey, alright fella, hope your well.[B)] Syphon let me know you'd reappeared. I'm not so active anymore, more of an Emeritus admin these-days, pop in and out for a look occasional. Nice to see you back. :coolthumb
  2. ZBOYD

    CUPRA Formentor revealed - even the name is aggressive

    Lots of styling cues from the latest Peugeot models, being bolder, fresh and less copy and paste Germanic. Has to be a good thing for the future. Sort the dealers out SEAT/Cupra and you might get me back in a couple of years.
  3. ZBOYD

    Car Brand loyalty - do you have it?

    Yer, its disappointing, I have in the past ventured further afield having bought several of my SEAT's from a few dealers outside of the Manchester area. But even those dealers further out I trusted are gone now. It appears most are in the hands of the big groups, and your just another pleb...
  4. ZBOYD

    Car Brand loyalty - do you have it?

    I have been very brand loyal, every car since 98 has been a SEAT and I’m a founder member of this place, so certainly done my bit for brand awareness. But the dealers locally are a real pain to use, and my patience ran out recently when I was told I couldn’t test drive an auto Ateca, and that...
  5. ZBOYD

    Significant Forum Upgrade

    Wow what happened I’ve been frozen in carbonite for a few years, finally someone pressed the correct button and thawed me out. Ooh look someone’s been decorating
  6. ZBOYD

    David Cook Motors looses Seat franchise

    Just got back from collecting the car from David Cook Motors, great service as usual from a friendly family owned company. Very happy with the service, no different in my eyes than what I received before except the prices are much keener now they are acting as an independent, very professional...
  7. ZBOYD

    David Cook Motors looses Seat franchise

    Egg on face scenario. and worse still only 2 dealers from the same group (whom i'll never use) to serve all of Greater Manchester. Huge fail!
  8. ZBOYD

    David Cook Motors looses Seat franchise

    Checked the small print in the finance info I signed from VWFS, only stipulates car must be kept in good serviceable order with regular service intervals. Does not stipulate where it must be serviced. As I have not received a letter from SEAT informing me anything about David Cooks I see no...
  9. ZBOYD

    David Cook Motors looses Seat franchise

    Its worth noting to anyone who uses David Cook for servicing work, SEAT's letter regarding that David Cooks can no longer service your vehicle (even if its under 3 years old) are inaccurate, misguided and against the EU Block Exemption rules. A recent case (April 2015) reveals quite how wrong...
  10. ZBOYD

    David Cook Motors looses Seat franchise

    Thats crap news, yet another North West family/small SEAT dealer losing their franchise. Poor show from SEAT UK to leave Greater Manchester so poorly served for it existing customers. Two dealers of the same Lookers group to serve the whole area. A group I personally would not deal with...
  11. ZBOYD

    VW TDi Emissions software scandal

    76,773 SEAT's in the UK to be issued a recall notice regarding #Dieselgate.
  12. ZBOYD

    VW TDi Emissions software scandal

    All shake and bake at VW, pulling back its talent in-house to shore up the parent group. Porsche boss Mathias Mueller now Group CEO. The VAG supervisory board have approved a new management structure for the group and the brands, and now Porsche is part of the brand group. SEAT's chairman...
  13. ZBOYD

    VW TDi Emissions software scandal

    Group boss - Winterkorn has fallen on his sword -
  14. ZBOYD

    VW TDi Emissions software scandal

    Couldn't agree more. [B)]
  15. ZBOYD

    VW TDi Emissions software scandal

    My concern is the overall blowback from this situation. The group is already taking a massive hit financially with its share price tanking, and the long term legal implications in US alone will be painful let alone should it end up paying some price in Europe. The biggest concern is the damage...
  16. ZBOYD

    My LCR

    Just to reiterate our sentiments on the closed thread. It's a tragic incident, and as yet there hasn't been an official statement naming the deceased, so please refrain from discussing the accident or passing comment upon it that would not be right especially in this thread. Our sincere...
  17. ZBOYD

    The great European rally 2015

    I'm going to close this thread to further discussion, just for the moment as this isn't the right time to be discussing or posting opinion on until an official statement is made regarding the identities of the deceased. All of us of course send our sincere condolences to those involved and...
  18. ZBOYD

    TFSI revving up and down itself

    Before shelling out for a PCV (which is also a plausible cause) it could simply be a split, broken or loose pipe. Check all your pipes for leaks, if you can't detect anything, I would recommend getting it smoke tested as that should show up any leaks. My old Mk2 Cupra had the same...
  19. ZBOYD

    Lookers Seat Stockport

    I can't say I have ever had a great experience with them, they tried and failed to sell me a car last year and a number of years ago they equally failed at that task. I had a poor experience the one time I allowed them to service one of my previous cars. Too much emphasis on pushing the...
  20. ZBOYD

    Leon FR - Sunroof or no sunroof?

    Mine has as the pics obviously show. It's probably a case of the spec 'accountants' at work again, mine is a Sept/Oct 2013 build delivered end of Nov 2013 it lacked some items the cars earlier than it had, and hasn't got some things the later cars gained. I expect the grab handles is another...
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