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  1. xwardos

    climate control tricks

    I have a strange question for you guys....is it normal that when i put the car in 'reverse' while the aircon/climate control is on, the fan's speed up.....then one i put the car into 'first' gear the fan's reduce speed. would my climate control need a reset of do i have issues with the ECU?
  2. xwardos

    Take Out Car Sterio?

    Managed to do it....couldn't find the two metal leavers to release the sterio. Cheers!
  3. xwardos

    Cleaning Pollen Filter

    sorry if the image i put on isn't showing up...i'll try and get it sorted for this thread to be more suitable for you.
  4. xwardos

    Air Condition Gas

    Thanks for your feedback gentlemen...best i leave it to a pro. Cheers Again
  5. xwardos

    Air Condition Gas

    If i wanted to replace/replenish/refill the Aircon Gas of the car...from where do i do this and what do i have to do? Edward
  6. xwardos

    Haynes Manual Ibiza Mk4

    Just got one from the UK yesterday...it's pretty good and very hand to have.
  7. xwardos

    Cleaning Pollen Filter

    Difficulty: 0/5, seriously, i've only done this guide in case anyone else like me couldn't find the pollen filter 1. Look to the right of the passenger footwell behind the glovebox, you'll see this thing Those two slidy looking things slide to the centre, then give them a tug and the pollen...
  8. xwardos

    Air Conditioning Filters

    Thanks for getting back to me...if it gets colder than canada in my car it would be ideal as in Malta it gets really hot and without air con you'll go nuts :) also, what does the pollen filter look like as i did what you said but couldn't really find it. probably was right over my nose and...
  9. xwardos

    Take Out Car Sterio?

    tks for the heads up...i'll look into it.
  10. xwardos

    Take Out Car Sterio?

    Mine is a Seat Ibiza MK3 2004 and i would like to change the car sterio. The problem is that i'm not sure exactly how to take it out from the dashboard. would anyone be so kind is to instruct me how please. Thanks, Edward
  11. xwardos

    Dashboard LED's

    Recently two LED’s are showing on my dashboard which is one with the emblem of a steering wheel and the other of the engine. Now I’ve checked all the usual stuff and all seems to be working fine including the ABS. I also checked the break fluid and that looks ok also, plus it’s right to the...
  12. xwardos

    centre console??

    min is a Seat Ibiza 2004...can anyone forward me to a link on how to dismantle my car stereo to change it? Thanks
  13. xwardos

    how to change cup holder!!!!

    i have a Seat Ibiza 2004...can anyone forward me to a link on how to remove/change my cup holder? Thanks
  14. xwardos

    Air Conditioning Filters

    lately i've noticed that my air conditioning system isn't cooling as well as it used to, but i'm not that sure what exactly would i have to check on this car (filters, gas...act) could anyone give me a guide line on what i have to check and where on the car i'm i able to find the things i...
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