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  1. JIMYU

    Impossible Performance custom remap

    I started the thread for opinions but then I decided to go ahead with the custom map after recommendation from other sites so reported back that I was pleased. I had the map for 2+ years and I thought it was really good and it made very good RR results. The boost was a moderate 18psi and I...
  2. JIMYU

    Jetex Cone Filters :)

    you obviously didn't bother reading the thread... but yes
  3. JIMYU

    Bye bye Cupra

    Fair enough on the looks...I didn't fall in love with mine until I drove it but i get alot more "nice car" comments in the teg compared with the cupra. It's no slouch in a straight line either, I'd say its as quick as a remaped cupra (but not k03s) but certainly doesn't feel slow once the vtec...
  4. JIMYU

    Bye bye Cupra

    I think you'll be suprised on the insurance...i was! my dc2 insurance is £250 LESS than my ibiza (even with no NCB's after the cupra got written off) plus the dc2 is insurance group 19 iirc! :)
  5. JIMYU

    Bye bye Cupra

    get a dc2, you'll love it! lol
  6. JIMYU

    Polo rear wiper

    yes you need to trim a fair bit off, just do a bit at a time until it works ok. Like glanza says though, the rear aero wiper is more for looks than practability....mine was shite. My fronts were ace though.
  7. JIMYU

    Anyone have a red Jetex filter?

    yes it is 70mm, 100%
  8. JIMYU

    where can i get cupra front grill?

    check the for sale section very soon! ;)
  9. JIMYU

    iPod car setup...

    well done, you've obviously researched them much more than me lol
  10. JIMYU

    iPod car setup...

    how much quality do you expect for £10?
  11. JIMYU

    blackboard paint

    lol, if you get any backchat from the Mrs you can make her write some lines on the bonnet :lol:
  12. JIMYU

    iPod car setup...

    for £10 its not bad (and better than the fm transmitter things imo) but the sound quality is well below the digital quailty of the xcarlink. the buzzing used to piss me right off lol
  13. JIMYU

    iPod car setup...

    I used the cassette adaptor for a while (and am in my Teg at the moment) and the quality is far from superb!! xcarlink ftw
  14. JIMYU

    iPod car setup...

    buy an xcarlink....perfect quality sound and no wires (except one into the ipod) and you can still use your cd changer **check the for sale section for one**
  15. JIMYU

    Ignition Coils

    you need oem coils. have a butchers in the for sale section, there are a couple for sale ;)
  16. JIMYU

    Porsche 911 Turbo alloys?

    i think they'd look sweet.
  17. JIMYU

    Upgrading standard speakers?

    if i was you i'd just buy the best components your can for £60 and that will should be good enough for you. don't forget you need the mounting backet too which are about £15
  18. JIMYU

    Unused connectors on top of 1.8T engine

    I kept the SAI and ditched the one way valve, maybe thats why I kept getting the EML on. that FPR vac line looks dodgy to me
  19. JIMYU

    Unused connectors on top of 1.8T engine

    check the for sale section for the appropiate resistors to tidy it up ;) post waiting approval
  20. JIMYU

    Silver front grill surround?

    I certainly did.....just the centre one looks sweet imo. sod all the haters lol I got mine on ebay for £5 (lucky find) but they are on the seat website: Part Number: KE00071053 Description: Chrome Grille Kit Model Application: Ibiza 1999 > 2002 Price (RRP): £ 28.99...
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