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  1. Seastormer

    I have a problem with my DSG

    Better posting in the Biza section for more chance of a reply. My twinchargers before the Leon never did this so can not comment.
  2. Seastormer


    Welcome to SCN, is this your first SEAT then?
  3. Seastormer

    Attending a Trackday?

    Takes me back to my East Fortune days in the 80's, only out on my bike on nice days now, back then 2 wheels was all I had and it even went on snowy days.
  4. Seastormer

    Cupra Seat Dealers

    Fife SEAT, have looked after my Cupra 280 (which they sold me new) for over 6 years now and I have had no problems at all, great dealer. They have told me they will be selling the new Cupra Leon as soon as it becomes available, so my trusty 280 will be getting replaced by the full petrol one at...
  5. Seastormer

    New member and ex SEAT dealer employee

    Welcome to SCN, where are you working now?
  6. Seastormer

    DSg Cupra 290 vs manual Cupra 290

    Short answer yes. The manual gear changes can be messed up or not perfect, DSG always had a quicker time claimed for 0 - 60 when comparing the same model with manual.
  7. Seastormer

    New member

    Welcome to SCN, head over to the Biza threads and find lots of info for your motor there.
  8. Seastormer

    New member

    Welcome to SCN, enjoy the car
  9. Seastormer

    COVID and impact on your SEAT/CUPRA ownership?

    Worked from home till August, then back to the office as I had problems with no printers, slow wifi and no space to work safely and workload building up. The office is all one way and seperate zones for work areas, but at least I get a drive in the car now.
  10. Seastormer


    Sure if you do a search on the Mk 3 Leon threads , I remember someone hitting a pheasant and doing similar damage, and he may have costs there too.
  11. Seastormer

    Will i pass the mot

    And they are all illegal, that is why the Leon Cupras have small plastic fins on the wheel arches as they come standard with the 19" wheels, and need them to be road legal.
  12. Seastormer

    Cupra - 2014 faulty turbo

    My stock 2014 280 is now past 6 years and still the turbo is ok, hope I am not tempting fate here, as only got less than a year now to hopefully get into a new Cupra Leon full petrol motor
  13. Seastormer

    Fuel Gauge broken!

    That's why I always have a recently filled 5 L plastic petrol container in the boot, you won''t get stuck with an empty tank.
  14. Seastormer

    Sat Nav Functions

    I was the same when I bought my Cupra 280, where are the speed cam warnings, but alas I had none. I think as having speed cam detectors get big fines in europe as illegal, that is why there are none, spanish car after all
  15. Seastormer

    New car, 1.8 fr tsi

    Welcome to SCN, try posting in the Mk3 Leon section as not all members check out the new members section. Someone there will help with remapping costs etc.
  16. Seastormer

    Scuffed Cupra 300 Alloy

    Solvol Autosol is what to use between the sand/emery paper to give a better finish before the lacquer stage. Have fixed lots of scuffs, chips etc this way and for 6 years old still look not too bad.
  17. Seastormer

    Key fob battery replacement issue

    I have changed my fob battery and used panasonic and had no problems, sounds like you have broke yours on opening it rather than a battery fault.
  18. Seastormer

    New Keyrings now in stock

    Mine have arrived (Wed 19th) and look great.
  19. Seastormer

    What made you Mad today?

    Not today, but Friday, with being off work for months had my motor connected to Optimate charger to keep battery charged, but forgot to unplug it before going to the office and snapped the ext cable and blew the fuse in the battery connection. What a plonker, I heard something as I reversed out...
  20. Seastormer

    New 2020 branded clothing

    Black T shirt and Hoodie for me
AP Autostyling