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  1. hilly81

    1.4 TSi ACT economy

    I think it was on about 52 so slightly over optimistic.
  2. hilly81

    1.4 TSi ACT economy

    49.24MPG over the last tank for me. Measured, not indicated by the cars trip computer.
  3. hilly81


    I do Parkrun occasionally. Saturday mornings tends to be snarled up by the kids doing Swimming, Ballet etc. Always really enjoy them when I do make one though. Chester 50 mile ultra for me this Saturday. Conditions look horrendous. Should be fun.......
  4. hilly81

    Puddle Lights

    First time I have seen you mention this.
  5. hilly81

    1.9TDI FR 150 Emissions Test MoT Fail Advice

    Stick a bit of two stroke in with every tank of diesel. Does the trick and is way cheaper than fuel cleaners if bought in bulk.
  6. hilly81

    Cupra 300 ST - Stolen and destroyed

    Absolute scum. Hope you and your family are ok, bud?
  7. hilly81

    Buying a Leon Mk3 1.4 TSi FR

    I bought an 18 plate 1.4 150 ACT FR with DSG in October and I absolutely love it. Obviously it's not 'fast' but it's quick enough to make good progress/overtake. DSG is great. I have averaged 45.7MPG (Actual, not what the trip computer says) over 4k miles which with only a 6 mile commute and...
  8. hilly81

    1.4 TSi ACT economy Make sure you change the units to 'UK'
  9. hilly81

    what did you and your mk3 leon do today

    Oil change on mine and washed both mine and the wife’s.
  10. hilly81

    Leon Recall

    I had it done a couple of weeks ago. 94M1 Software Update for LED Turn Signals. From the brief searching I did, it appears that if there was a fault with the indicators, it would not be flagged up by an error on the dash. This update cures this I think.
  11. hilly81

    what did you and your mk3 leon do today

    Gave both mine and the wife’s a good clean. Used a bunch of Detailed Online products which were really good.
  12. hilly81

    Struggling to find my next car?? (Focus st line or Leon Fr)

    I cant see any logic buying a 125BHP when there are 150's available personally. I'd be holding out for one. You really need to drive both and see what you prefer. Obviously you are going to get a Leon bias on here and rightly so. I actually really like the look of the brand new Focus. I don't...
  13. hilly81

    Limp mode over 90mph

    The speed limit is 70. Problem solved.
  14. hilly81

    what did you and your mk3 leon do today

    Awful! @Hag
  15. hilly81

    What made you Mad today?

  16. hilly81

    What made you Mad today?

    I didn't get the job.
  17. hilly81

    what did you and your mk3 leon do today

    Took it to SEAT to get a couple of things sorted under warranty. They have given me this awful Citroen, Cactus thing as a courtesy car. Sounds like a tractor and it's a petrol!
  18. hilly81

    What other things get in the way of you working on the car

    Running. Football. The Kids. The Wife. Work. Running. Eating. Running.
  19. hilly81

    FL 1.6Tdi CR - MPG dropped recently

    The temperature and winter Derv probably.
  20. hilly81

    pre face or facelift?

    Not all facelifts have the auto dimming mirror and auto lights. My 2018 FR ST does not.
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