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  1. Jarre

    Alloys and winter tyres for sale

    Did these sell? If available, is the PCD 5x100 for mk1 Leon or 5x112? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. Jarre

    Aftermarket Stereo Power

    So this morning I turned the ignition on, stereo started up fine. I then started the car, stereo went off, then nothing. I’m thinking that it must be an issue with the electrical system on the car. Other reasons why - the previous owner (who had the car from new) told me when I bought it that...
  3. Jarre

    Aftermarket Stereo Power

    I didn’t have the original stereo in long but I didn’t notice any issues with it. 2 faulty stereos is a possibility I guess but it seems very unlikely. I have another stereo in a different car so I’ll have to try that and see what happens! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Jarre

    Aftermarket Stereo Power

    I’m having issues with an aftermarket stereo. I put a pioneer single din in, used a wiring harness and switched the red and yellow around so it remembers the stations. First 3 weeks was fine but I’ve since started with intermittent power issues. Sometimes it will power on with the car...
  5. Jarre

    what have you done to your car today ?

    So I bought my mk1 last week. It’s a PD150 FR on 169k miles. Gave it an oil and filter change, air filter, pollen filter and rear discs & pads yesterday. Seems to have an intermittent fault with the drivers door. Sometimes it opens remotely and sometimes it doesn’t. Always works with turning...
  6. Jarre

    Drop your Instagram thread

    @stjarrett I’ve not posted anything about my Leon on there yet though! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Jarre

    Jarre’s daily Mk2 CR170 FR+

    Yesterday I wasted no time in getting the laptop out and making some VCDS changes. - Seat belt reminder turned off - Lock/unlock beeps added (louder than I remember!) - Rear wipe on reverse turned off - Cornering lights turned off - XDS enabled - Hill hold enabled - Digital mph enabled -...
  8. Jarre

    Jarre’s daily Mk2 CR170 FR+

    So after a brief time away from SEAT’s, I find myself back owning a CR170 FR. Some of you may remember/recognise me from previous. I have been around for a number of years now having owned a 1.2TSi Mk2, CR170 FR+ and mk3 Leon cupra 290...
  9. Jarre

    New MK2 Cupra Owner - Thread of Questions

    Is your engine code BYD? That’s where my diverter valve is in my edition 30, and was on my last edition 30 too. A genuine rev G is the best for these engines. Edition 30 diverter valve position below: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Jarre


    I paid for express shipping. Got it in 2 days!
  11. Jarre


    You need pro version for long coding. No need to use any apps at all - all the coding instructions are available online
  12. Jarre

    Super Sports - good offer

    Got mine from Ben Patey too. Only ordered two so was £140 a tyre. Fitted - £155 each. 235/35R19 supersports.
  13. Jarre

    Cupra 290BE Bucket seat white trim cracked!

    It's important everyone with issues contributes to this thread with pictures. It's all evidence to help each other get this sorted under warranty [emoji1303]
  14. Jarre

    Any mk3s lowered?

    Nope. Why would they?
  15. Jarre

    Chosen a Cupra 300 over a BMW M240i

    Haven't read the whole thread, but, I had my dads m235i for 2 months. When I gave it back I wasn't absolutely gutted, nor did I feel that I had to have one. I bought a Cupra SC 290 black over an m140i or m240i. I could've had either - the huge 20% discounts available on the bmws actually mean...
  16. Jarre

    Cupra 290BE Bucket seat white trim cracked!

    That's what concerns me.... hopefully a dodgy batch.
  17. Jarre

    Cupra 290BE Bucket seat white trim cracked!

    I had the same thing! Mine got replaced as it was under 6 months and 6000 miles old....
  18. Jarre

    New cupra 300 arriving detailing the car

    I got it done properly. It cost me in the region of £450 if I remember correctly for the detail and ceramic coat.
  19. Jarre

    New cupra 300 arriving detailing the car

    If you're not good at cleaning cars or don't do it often then a ceramic coat is the best option for you. I have one on my car and it's great. Easy to clean the car, always looks good and the water just drops off. Guaranteed for 2 years. No extra waxes or sealants required on top of it.
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