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  1. Rubbing or grinding noise from front wheels

    Its common for the dust shields to corrode at the mounts and fall off , as mentioned above
  2. Maxxis Vs5 looking a good tyre

    I had the Maxxis HP5 on my old 150 fr and to be honest having had Michelin PS4 on before swapping I wasn't expecting much for the price I paid (£88 a pair ,I get them trade price), however I was pleasantly surprised at how good they really were, and cannot remember having any dodgy moments with...
  3. Full Link USB change

    Thanks mate
  4. High quote......

    I,ve just swapped cover onto a new car this week ,and have to agree , they seem to have gone down hill sadly .massive wait times , poor pricing , and £30 admin fee to swap !!! I doubt they will get my money when renewal time arrives next month
  5. Full Link USB change

    Hi everyone , so today I swapped out my old 150 fr for a 16 plate 184, the car needed the Full Link activated , the dealer agreed to do it for £75 , when I arrived to pick it up this morning , the guy informed me that it now needs the USB socket upgrading ,and the part won't arrive until next...

    Just replied mate

    Hi i,m in desperate need of borrowing a Leon locking wheel nut socket ( type B ) in the Durham Teesside area ,as i have a puncture and mine is rounded off ,i will gladly pay to borrow one for 5 minutes !! i have enclosed pictures of the socket ,please call me on 07701040634 if you can help me...
  8. Washer fuse location

    Ive been using the screen wash that our workshop uses ,obviously not suitable for sustained -5 temps
  9. Washer fuse location

    Thanks for all the replies guys ,turns out the pump was frozen ,and as above i had to resort to using boiling water to thaw ,Damn the BEAST FROM THE EAST !!!
  10. Washer fuse location

    So there isn’t a separate one for the washers ?,my wipers are working so it’s either a frozen pump or a new pump needed as the fuse is fine ! Thanks for your answer mate
  11. Washer fuse location

    Hi all, could somebody enlighten me as too the windscreen washer fuse location please
  12. Intermittent cold start issue

    Camshaft sensor issues can cause the same thing, but normally shows on scan
  13. Correct MPG??

    I have to say my mk2 FR+ 170 was better on fuel than my 150 FR
  14. Correct MPG??

    I'm probably only getting 45mpg on my daily 60 mile round trip to work ,the majority being on the A1 ,thats in a 150 TDI
  15. Leon MK3/5F Front Bumper Removal Guide

    Yes ,thanks again:)
  16. Leon MK3/5F Front Bumper Removal Guide

    Yes mate ,i had a quick look at mine last week ,but couldn't see any clips at all on the block ,ill have to get my arse into gear and have a good look ,thanks for your help:)
  17. Leon MK3/5F Front Bumper Removal Guide

    was yours bolted inside too ?
  18. Leon MK3/5F Front Bumper Removal Guide

    Hi mate sounds like mine ,was it easy to get too?
  19. 2013 150 fr

    The FR+ is a great car ,loved mine ,but the Mk3 just seems much more modern inside,and everything is much more functional in its layout
  20. 2013 150 fr

    The FR+.and MK6 golf i had were very poor at warming up ,this fr is on par with the MK5 golf i had with the auxiliary heater ,i wonder if the leon has one as standard ?
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