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  1. Heaters Taking a Long Time to “Get Hot”

    I don’t know - all I know is it’s a temperature sensor for coolant and it shouldn’t be missing. From what they, and someone else, has said, there is no good reason to remove one and they were interested to know if I had any explanation for how it could happen as it must have been intentional...
  2. Heaters Taking a Long Time to “Get Hot”

    M they replaced my matrix don’t think it needed doing to be honest. They said still wasn’t right so sent it to another dealer who found a missing temp sensor. Just got it back £595 later and it seems to be working. It’s cool for like 10 mins then when stat opens seems to be heating normally...
  3. Heaters Taking a Long Time to “Get Hot”

    I’ve emailed Seat customer service with the hope they might be interested in reimbursing some costs. I’ve had other expensive repair bills in past few months and the car has only done 36000 miles. Its off to a seat dealer now anyway hopefully they are able to identify and fix the problem. It’s...
  4. Heaters Taking a Long Time to “Get Hot”

    Not covered by any warranty but as JCT600 VW was local and I knew someone who told me they’d get me a good service, I had no qualms going to these guys, since the platform is the same as the VW counterpart.
  5. Heaters Taking a Long Time to “Get Hot”

    In a right pickle now - they said they’d take a look for free. Advised it was the matrix. Was ready to be collected yesterday but am now told that it’s “still not quite right” and they are sending it to Seat...
  6. New Wheels

    i had PSS for a few month before I swapped alloys for sub8 rims which had the contis on. Hadn’t had the car long so probably didn’t push it enough at the time to see the difference :)
  7. Aircon and heater doesn't work

    Hi Scott. Thanks for this post. I’ve seen a vid on YouTube of a guy changing one on an Octavia which seems very similar to your suggestion -he just removed the blower motor, glove box and side kick board. My car takes a long time to get warm. I had a coolant leak from the thermostat so thought...
  8. New Wheels

    Got contis on mine. I really haven’t had much issue with them. They are softer than the Michelins and it feels good when they are hot; they seem to stick well and give good grip however, they don’t seem the be lasting very long and the majority of my driving is commuting so it’s not that...
  9. Heaters Taking a Long Time to “Get Hot”

    Tech checked this morning before I collected; still taking too long. They are going to speak to manager and cover cost of getting it to seat for a mechanical flush of cooling system/ heater core which I believe would be the official way of the garden hose through the outlet. they also say that...
  10. Heaters Taking a Long Time to “Get Hot”

    Having the diff serviced at a VAG specialist who diagnosed and fixed my fuel injectors when I sort a day for it to go in. Probably going to be a job for those guys and an extra bill for me :bleh:
  11. Heaters Taking a Long Time to “Get Hot”

    got a message saying they checked this morning and took ages to get hot. Bled the system and then left it til afternoon, drove it and it was hot in under 2 miles. Advised to monitor contact it ongoing - the existence of this clause means it’s not fixed I guess they said the computers won’t...
  12. Heaters Taking a Long Time to “Get Hot”

    I’ve just taken it back to the garage and said the heaters aren’t working right. They seem to agree that air is a likely problem. I’ve left it with them
  13. Heaters Taking a Long Time to “Get Hot”

    Would the stat being open explain why some heaters are hotter than others?
  14. Heaters Taking a Long Time to “Get Hot”

    It was a genuine thermostat as far as I am aware Surely if it was stuck open on change they’d sort that out at the time? i might have to take it back and just say the heaters aren’t working right
  15. Heaters Taking a Long Time to “Get Hot”

    Still blowing cold though until engine running for prolonged time at operating temps
  16. Heaters Taking a Long Time to “Get Hot”

    Right I tried this. Went to the toilet came back and the expansion tank is empty so probably an air lock somewhere. Blowers were still cool but will top up and see how it goes
  17. Heaters Taking a Long Time to “Get Hot”

    Ahh I saw you said did the thermostat itself get replaced - pretty sure it was a listed item on the receipt
  18. Heaters Taking a Long Time to “Get Hot”

    They reckon a seat master tech looked at the car but they’ll always tell you rubbish like that haha
  19. Heaters Taking a Long Time to “Get Hot”

    Aye - my pals partner works in sales dept so got diagnosis, DSG service and stat replacement for £500 which I thought was a decent price as some places quoted me up to £850 for pump replacement alone!
  20. Heaters Taking a Long Time to “Get Hot”

    So the problem was present before and still remains, could be an air lock I guess caused by initial leak. I’m scared it’s the matrix you see Cos that’s another pricey job and I’ve already spent quite a lot since buying this car in April (4x fuel injectors, fuel pump, thermostat.. plz no more)
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