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  1. I've lost my only key. How do I get the lock and transponder info now?

    I used to have only one key before I lost it, now I have 2 additional sets (ordered online ) and prefer never lose them, the past situation was just awful. I know nowadays it is really not a big problem - one can call a locksmith or easily buy new keys at Internet store ( what is usually longer ).
  2. Recommendation

    joining the thread to read recommendations
  3. Recommend a Seat dealer in NW???

    good company, agree
  4. Additional Fees

    Absolutely agree :D
  5. Buying sites?

    Have the same question
  6. Which Big Brake Kit?

    Guys from Canadian company Crossdrillrotors offer not bad kits
  7. Locking from remote

  8. Door locks

    Have just the same question!
  9. One month waiting time?

    It's a normal practice
  10. Cylinder head parts prices required

    The prices differ extremely, especially on eBay
  11. Protection pack/mudflaps for Exeo ST

    Thanks for the info!
  12. Pictures of your lowered Alhambras Please

  13. Driving to Germany

  14. B-pillar very loud and annoying rattle

    Just curious to find out the reason
  15. Tyre Help

    that's great I found this thread! have the same question!
  16. Climatic air issue

    have just the same issue at the moment
  17. Car Brand loyalty - do you have it?

    same with me ;)
  18. What are the smallest cars

    I guess Smart are the smallest
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