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  1. Polish on black trim

    Is it white dried on polish? There is a simple and cheap way of removing this. Use a pencil rubber (eraser) and it should remove it. I use it and it does work!
  2. Spare tyre what tyre to use

    Remember when you buy a spare tyre to make sure it's got an non-directional or asymmetric tread pattern. If it's directional it will only fit on one side of the car.
  3. coolants

    This might help. It's from several years ago so doesn't have the latest ones, but it shows the colours. I have also found this table which might be useful on a forum post which shows compatibility of the newer stuff. http://forums.tdiclub.com/showpost.php?p=4095897&postcount=8
  4. Removal of wax from trims

    If you mean removing the white dried on wax from black plastic trim bits. There is a simple cheap way of doing it. Use a pencil rubber (erasure) to rub it out. It works, I've used on many times on my car. PS: I've heard of Peanut butter, but where did you read about peeing on it?
  5. T1rs or uniroyals

    I've run both on my car and prefer Rainsports. I ran T1-R and found them good in the wet when new, very soft and coped in cold weather (far better than my previous GY GSD3s) and good in dry. However being soft they wore very quickly and once worn aquaplaned very easily. I then bought Rainsport...
  6. Mk5 ibiza hid lights

    Remember the higher the Kelvin the light output actually goes down. I found this on an HID website which shows colours of HID and the light intensity (lumins) of each. As you can see 4,300 k gives the best output and is what most OEM HIDs are. It is similar with Halogens, no covering...
  7. Tyre help? Vredestein? Pirelli? Toyo? Goodyear?!

    I was going to suggest Rainsport 2s too. I have them on my car and love them. In saying that I've not heard a bad thing about Vred Sessentas or F1 Assemetrics. You mention Maxxis. I know someone who has them on his Mk2 Fabia vRS and now swears by them (for summer tyres). He says they are far...
  8. Tyres

    I have a Fabis vRS, and have the same sized tyres. I've had Goodyears (GSD2s & GSD3s) Toyo T1-Rs and currently using Uniroyal Rainsport 2s. I like Rainsports so much now, I'm onto my second pair. I can't fault them. Reasonably priced too. I paid £131 delivered for a pair last October. Then...
  9. winter checks to do NOW

    ICY CONDITIONS A government warning has said that anyone travelling in icy conditions should take: Shovel, Blankets or sleeping bag Extra clothing including scarf, hat and gloves 24 hours supply of food and drink De-Icer 5Kgs of Rock Salt Torch or lantern with spare batteries Road...
  10. Front brakes Cupra TDI

    DS 2500 I'm sure are very good pads, however you do know they are technically not road legal. They do not conform to Regulation 90 and are not 'E' marked. They do state on the box "Disc pads for Race use only" I'd buy instead, Mintex, Pagid, EBC, Ferodo DS (not 2500/3000) etc.
  11. Fr tdi - which discs and pads?

    What have you got on the front? Remember, you must never put better quality pads/discs on the rear, than the front. It may cause the rear to lock up under hard breaking! That said, I'd go for plain rear discs, and pads from a known manufacturer (but OEM quality).
  12. Hid fog light bulbs

    I had a feeling that's reason in changing them. I must admit from the outside, pure white headlights and Foglights do look a lot better than yellow ones. [B)] I'm guessing for HID Fog lights you don't need to worry about washers an/or levelling or any legal issues with them.
  13. Hid fog light bulbs

    You do know that if yiu use them as they should be used ie driving in FOG, then a white/blue is not the best. These will give off a lot of glare when driving. What is actually needed is a bulb/lamp with a yellowish colour.
  14. Can anyone recomend me new headlight bulbs?

    The older ones were just called NightBreakers. The new ones are named NightBreaker Plus.
  15. Can anyone recomend me new headlight bulbs?

    If you want more light then go for Philips xtreme vision (+100%) or Osram NightBreaker Plus (+90%). Don't buy the older NightBreakers as they had a reputation of doing just that, breaking at Night. The new ones are said to have a much longer life. I've got the Philips Dipped and Osram main...
  16. remap in the northeast ??

    Personally, I wouldn't bother with Revo, I've read mixed reviews from people. Some say they are fine perfectly and happy with the map, but others say they are smoky, and you get all the power in one go. This is good for 'kick in the back' acceleration, but doesn't help the life of your clutch. A...
  17. remap in the northeast ??

    Where are you in the North East? Are you Teesside area or up Newcastle way?
  18. ebc greenstuff

    We have used EBC pads and discs in most of our cars, from our AX diesel and my old 1.0 Metro (all fitted with Greenstuff), to my dad Scoobie Impreza (Redstuff fitted). I have Greenstuff all round in my Fabia vRS. We have never had a problem with them. A few years ago, during a service, a...
  19. Pipercross panel on my TDI

    I have heard some bad stores about Pipercross filters. In one case tons of **** was let through and damaged his turbo. The lad's vRS has 240BHP and now runs a standard paper filter. I have also read on Brisky, that some Green filters don't fit properly and even in some cases rust. See this...
  20. MOT Sat - New Tyres needed for Ibiza FR 1.9 TDi

    You've got the same size as my car (Furby vRS). When my Toyos wore out (after 13k miles) in March I replaced them with Rainsport 2s. I have become to like them. My MOT is soon and I think my rear tyres are at 2mm are so, although strangely they are GSD3s too. So I'm therefore after some new...
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