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    Great offer on Auto Glym Car Care products. Ideal stocking filter only £20 for both interior and bodywork kits. These retail at over £40 in leading outlets. Be quick! Crewe SEAT [email protected] or 01270 507040 ask for Joe quoting the Auto Glym offer

    Good evening guys, Just a quick message again to anyone in the North West looking for a garage to look after their car then we are the place! For all help, questions, queries and bookings email me direct [email protected] Thanks Joe - Service @ Crewe SEAT
  3. *hello from crewe seat*

    Steve, Apologies for the delay, did I come back to you? Thanks.
  4. *hello from crewe seat*

    Just to let you know I’ve not forgotten about the media screen! I’ve been off with it being Xmas/new year once I’m back in I’ll chase SEAT for some answers. All the best Joe
  5. *hello from crewe seat*

    Hello! Just a quick introduction! My name is Joe & I am a service advisor at Crewe SEAT. If there is anything anyone needs help with or quotes please pop me an email [email protected] Just quote cupra.net on the email! Cheers Joe
  6. Newbie to the Altea

    Today I have purchased a 2006 56 SEAT Altea 2.0 TDI FR 90,000 miles! I work for SEAT so I thought it would be a good choice!
  7. Crewe Seat Do It Again!

    Good evening! I am due to start back at Crewe SEAT in my previous position as a service advisor in the next couple of weeks. If there is anything I can do to help anyone pop me a message or give me a call, I'll try my best but bare with me I've been out of the job 2 years! Cheers.
  8. Crewe Seat Do It Again!

    Hello chaps, I no longer work at Crewe SEAT. However if you call Matt in parts on 01270 507040 he will be happy to assist. All the best, Joe
  9. Seat emissions

    Hi guys, Just to let you know I no longer work at Crewe SEAT For any furthur help or enquiries the service/parts team will be happy to help on 01270 507040. Thanks Joe
  10. Seat emissions

    Hello chaps, The petrol engines I can confirm are under investigation currently - I am (at the moment) unable to disclose any information as I do not know the true facts, as soon as I am aware if your vehicles are affected I will inform you. Cheers, Joe @ Crewe
  11. After all more cars are affected by the emissions!!

    Where is this info from? Thanks
  12. advice plesse

    I am a Service Advisor at Crewe SEAT and we don't really see any problems with the new Alhambra! Please bare us in mind for a cracking deal! Joe @ Crewe
  13. Cracked tail lights

    Good evening, Apologies for the late response - There is a TPI applicable for this fault which basically means it is an issue that SEAT are aware of, if cracks on vehicles tail lights meet this criteria we will then replace them under warranty. Thanks!
  14. Cracked tail lights

    The chaps returning back to Crewe - Is this matter now rectified for you? Joe @ Crewe SEAT
  15. VW massaging emission figures

    No problem what we have is a questions and answers sheet from SEAT UK The most common questions that are being asked are; Will there be effects in terms of taxes? A: As we currently understand No Is there any impact on Co2 emissions? A: As we currently understand No It's Nox...
  16. VW massaging emission figures

    Hi Guys, Sorry for the late response Hilly81 - This exercise is to purely clear up accusations that the press and social media sites are publishing and to assure drivers that the cars they are driving are safe. Don't get me wrong we are proactively using this circumstance to offer our SEAT...
  17. Seat emissions

    Hi All - If there is anyone in the Northwest area who is affected by the emissions update then please email me [email protected] as we are making appointments to discuss the matter enabling the customer more of an understanding other than the press/social media blowing things out of...
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