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  1. MasserS

    scottydawwg's leon

    Is this Scott Foran?
  2. MasserS

    Is anybody watching the new series of police interceptors. Naughty cupra driver

    Got 15 months imprisonment before they reply!
  3. MasserS

    Leon Cupra or R what MPG should i expect??

    I get 38mpg on my trip to work. 9 miles doing speed limits 6 miles of which is dual carriageway. I get 380-415 miles out of a tank in my Cupra which does involve possibly 10 miles of spirited driving. I got 450-470 miles in my 1.6 s Leon with no spirited driving - exact same trips.
  4. MasserS

    winter checks to do NOW

    Mobile Phone with plenty of battery life/charger.
  5. MasserS

    New mod: Huge scrape on side of car

    Remove any extra bits you can. head unit, armrest, cd changer, or any bolt on mods. should give you an extra few quid.
  6. MasserS

    Too Cheap

    Give me a bell when you go with the money and I'll errr help you out ;)
  7. MasserS

    Too Cheap

    Cash on collection only. £6k?
  8. MasserS

    Stolen 2010 Cupra R

    Hate to suggest this but friend of a friend rings out to me. Hope it all gets rectified painlessly.
  9. MasserS

    The drawbacks of being 'sensible'

    Hold on until it breaks and then remortgage.
  10. MasserS

    What do you all do for a job

    - Work in operations for CViT (Cash and Valuables in transit) cool job - But really isn't me. (45hrs/days) - Home delivery driver ASDA (15hrs) - Doorman (12hrs) - Work at a takeaway casually in the evenings.
  11. MasserS


    I think there is still an advantage as I know at 21 I qualified for twice as many insurance companies, meaning im with a company now which dont insure u21's.
  12. MasserS

    Getting to the end of my fecking tether...

    I feel for you here mate, but like suggested above - I'd probably quit when im ahead and trade it in (and post the reg on here :P)
  13. MasserS

    NW Rolling Road Day

    I'm 50:50 working but if not I'll definitely be there.
  14. MasserS

    Security measures

    I think nowadays the best security is something like a tracker. If someone is set on coming in your house and stealing your keys, I'm sure if anythings in their way steering locks/drive posts they'll come to you to remove it. As for a tracker - A friend of mine who sprays cars for a living had...
  15. MasserS

    HiD's problem (not the usual)

    I have the terminator 35w kit from Hids Direct. Have no problems on my mk1 Leon (pre canbus)
  16. MasserS

    1.6 Leon SE Very Harsh on Fuel??

    They aren't fantastic on fuel I got 39mpg out of mine yet get 37mpg out of a 20v turbo and were still in our honeymoon period :)
  17. MasserS

    mpg figures

    I drive at the limit 99% of the time and do a lot of town driving, ive got 35 mpg actual out of my last tank and with a few motorway runs close to 40mpg. Do remember that if your driving means you get 20% less Mpg than stated, you also will in a diesel
  18. MasserS

    Megane 250 vs cupra r

    I was very impressed with a stage 2 megane rs I went in, however I found the power delivery very very smooth and didnt *feel* quick, yet still thrashed a Stage 2 New S3 over and over... Corners are very erm - switched on to say the least and cant imagine anyone falling asleep in it!
  19. MasserS

    Aiar filter on insurance

    Buy a standard air filter - Fit old intercooler - edit post on here - declare modifications from now on - don't get your insurance cancelled - do not pass go.
  20. MasserS

    AUQ 180 problem???

    What's a CTS?
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