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  1. Door unlocking issues - NOT the module! Version2

    I cant find a broken wire unfortunately. I took the rubber plug/cover off and moved it as much out of the way and nothing i can see is broken. Il check the drivers side in case its linked but i am at a loss. Maybe vagcom would give me an idea?
  2. Door unlocking issues - NOT the module! Version2

    Just to restart this threat. Still no luck. I haven't got around to changing the wiring loom. Still trying to narrow down what else it could be. So far there are two options: Wiring loom in passenger door Body Control Module Any advice on what else it could be? The door definitely makes a...
  3. Door unlocking issues - NOT the module! Version2

    Hi Flapper, Thats my next check which I'll tackle tomorrow. Luckily a 2nd hand loom from ebay is only £20.
  4. Door unlocking issues - NOT the module! Version2

    Hi all, I have been struggling to solve this issue off and on since October and its driving me mad. I have the common fault of the passenger door not opening on the central locking fob. Initially i thought, yes easy fix as before and bought a new unit from SEAT (£156) only to find out that...
  5. Misfire when up to temperature

    Well so far so good with the car. I had the two remaining coil packs changed and a set of sparks and at the moment its running good. So i suspect a dodgy coil pack fried the spark?? Also not helping is the fact my carbon intake coupler has a massive rip in it. Probably causing a bit of over...
  6. Misfire when up to temperature

    Hi guys, The cupra has developed a horrible misfire when up to temperature. When its cold no problems but as soon as the engine has got up the temperature any boost will cause it to misfire. Scanning on brings up codes for random/multiple misfiire and misfire cylinder 1 and 3. I changed...
  7. Getting to the air filter..

    Definitely Torx on the heatshield but from memory there are some philips on the black plastic. They wont fall out when you unscrew those, they are "melted" at the ends to stop them. The Torx come out though. Hate the engine cover airfilter design.
  8. '57 Cupra cutting throttle

    My TC saved my ass today. Bit late for work, going slightly too quick into a corner in the damp. Hit the white line and it wiggled well out of shape. TC kicked in killed power quicker than i could take my foot off and sorted it. Also my car spins in 1st and 2nd since having it mapped and TC...
  9. Cupra r mk2 tailights tinted.

    I like it, looks good. Might tint mine for a change.
  10. New driveshaft bolt

    Give Listers SEAT a call. They are part sponsors here, got a good price for a few bits from them. When i changed my driveshaft (as a precaution a while ago) i had new bolts come with it.
  11. Cupra r mk2 tailights tinted.

    Can you get a photo with the lights on :)
  12. Door unlocking issues - NOT the module!

    Quick update for you guys. I got off the phone with SEAT Lister ( very helpful, called me back and were very knowledgeable) and spoke to a service engineer who was relaying some info from one of the technical engineers. Apparently the drivers door module controls the central locking for all...
  13. Door unlocking issues - NOT the module!

    Just scanned it and couldnt find anything. I might purchase the OBDeleven plug and app. Yes, there is a noise which is all the more confusing. Sounds fine too, not the horrible groan i had previously when my old lock was on its last legs. Im based in south wales mate. Cheers!
  14. Door unlocking issues - NOT the module!

    I do get a noise from it which is all the more strange. Yes i have a scanner but whether it will give me a full fault breakdown i'm unsure. I will scan it tomorrow. It isnt an OBDeleven, its only a generic scanner from ebay. I will check tomorrow and report back. thanks for the reply
  15. Door unlocking issues - NOT the module!

    Hi guys, Can someone please help me before I burn my car. I have had the usual issue of my door not unlocking, come to the conclusion same as last time that is the door module. No problem, this time i purchased a brand new one from SEAT at a lovely cost of £156.00. Finally some free time to...
  16. MK2 Leon MY08 NS/F Door Module

    Nah, it wont lock once its open. Common problem with the door locks for these cars.
  17. MK2 Leon MY08 NS/F Door Module

    For those who are wondering on price. I called Listers today as its been 3 days with no response here. Price quoted as £152.30 for the door module latch. that is inclusive of VAT and delivery.
  18. MK2 Leon MY08 NS/F Door Module

    Hi, Could I get a price on a passenger door lock module for a mk2 leon. Part number 1P2 837 015 Thanks :)
  19. Roof spoiler

    I'm not sure to be honest. Give me a PM
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