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  1. googies

    What is the mileage on your Leon right now?

    2009 (59plate equivalent)... Leon 1.9 tdi S, 11500miles, picked up two weeks ago!
  2. googies

    Squeaky window fix?

    Mine is doing this now too, anti-pinch feature kicks in, only when in direct sunlight (heats panel etc up). Seems to be different parts expanding differently and siezing the mechanis up a bit and more to the rear portion of the door.
  3. googies

    Replacing head unit, question on Illumination feed

    You need to run the feed to the rear of the head light switch, there is an illumination setting wheel on the switch panel. connet the feed to here using an aligator/scotch connector (not sure of proper name?) that clips over the wire and splices itself on the the wire.
  4. googies

    detach lamp holder?

    I have the swimming pool option fitted at present.... bulb has blown/corroded holder. Only one problem i have is, how to get the bulb and lense unit out, to replace bulb/holder and seal the damn thing before replacing..
  5. googies

    engine vibrations

    Seems like your Dual mass flywheel has got issues (DMF). If not this a serious un-balance of a wheel/tyre.
  6. googies

    Wheel bearings or tyres

    I got them from Agnew Seat Belfast, Try David @ SERE, he has a section on here. If i remember correctly they were around £30. I have manual folding mirrors, straight swap with black/colour coded type.
  7. googies

    Wheel bearings or tyres

    Sounds like the rear camber alignment problem again! Mine 'rumbled' for a long time until I found out about the camber settings, mine were 1degree off on each side. 2.26degrees of camber where the system stated 1.19degree. Problem cured.
  8. googies

    sensitive car alarm?

    I've had the alarm going by walking past the thing (windows open - e.g.warm day). flies could set it off i guess!
  9. googies

    Smoke and heat

    Did you take the disc off and check if warped (or leave on and measure runout using a guage). Take guide pins out and clean up, then apply a liberal layer of copper grease or 'black' greasee to lube, ensure end caps are in place too, to prevent dirt etc getting in. As Cripdust also says...
  10. googies

    Altea 18s

    I have 215/45/17 on mine, went from 225 to 215, slight stretch, wouldnt go lower though. all is ok, had slight rubbing on the 225's none as yet with 215's.
  11. googies

    Oil...What to use in your TDI

    105PD engine in yours.
  12. googies

    Altea Front Pads

    Just use a small brush and a quick wip over the surface, not too much required. Just dont get it on the braking surface......:drive1:
  13. googies

    Altea Front Pads

    Usuallt the rears that gave people the more bother! Fronts are pretty simple to do. Copper gearse on te rear of the pad etc to prevent sqealing etc, tidy up sliders and other moving parts from dirt and road salt from the winter. mine were a bit on the sticky side with the salt, cleaned and...
  14. googies

    2.0 Tdi Oem induction pipework!

    Me.....although i have dropped just about everything else.
  15. googies

    plastic cover/oil change

    Gazport, just pull upwards from the front, then when the cover lifts off the supporting lugs, pull towards yourself, sliding off the rear forked support. fit in reverse.
  16. googies

    2.0 Tdi Oem induction pipework!

    My intercooler joint kept blowing off too, a large jubilee clip with a bolt fastening on it and some nonsetting gasket sealant later and not blow off or leaks.....
  17. googies

    Tyre Pressure Monitor

    Are you holding the button in for a few seconds until you hear a bong, then light should go off? P.s. what is your mpg like in the 1.9tdi?
  18. googies

    what brand clutch?

    phone customer services and log the complaint - demand the warranty upheld in this case.
  19. googies


    Seems a bit low, but I have seen people getting the extremes in mpg with these engines, 1.9tdi and 2.0 tdi. I get on average 41mpg from a 1.9tdi (no remap), others getting consistant 600-650miles per tank, my best is 540miles/per tank, absolute best! Worst 390miles. check joins between...
  20. googies

    1.9 tdi juddering at 2250rpm?? ok either side of rpm - any ideas

    Dual mass flywheel, had this happen before, flywheel changed to different supplier (luk to Sach) under warranty.
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