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  1. I dont understand the issue and extremely angry about my new Seat purchase

    Sounds like a dead battery and you didn't give it enough time to get some charge into it when you jump started it. What was the problem?
  2. Ibiza FR clocks display

    I think it's for automatics to display the current gear etc.
  3. Brakes

    First step would be to bleed the brakes, might be air in the system. Has the level in the fluid reservoir dropped? Could be a master cylinder problem
  4. Mods for Bessie

    You will do, one day. They're blinding cars, but there's more to life than FWD hatchbacks! At 100k if you have some money to throw at it, go round and give it fresh bushes. Will liven it up no end. Wheel alignment too and a damn good service. I would say springs and shocks but no need if...
  5. Amp install, help needed

    Mine runs through right in the top corner passenger side, near the back edge of the bonnet. Accessible on the inside if you take the end off the dash and reach around.
  6. EGR help with TDI PD130 FR

    Really.... I have a permanent EGR light because when my BV39 turbo lunched itself, I replaced it with the garrett. EGR is blanked off! How long you there for? I work in Crawley
  7. 1.9tdi fr fuel gauge issue

    It'll come back. Every so often mine works just fine. A warning though, never ever trust it ever again. I conked out with no fuel a few weeks back when the gauge read a 1/4. Embarrassing and a massive pain in the arse!!
  8. No boost! Need help asap

  9. 1.9tdi fr fuel gauge issue

    I have an fr with the same symptoms. It reads empty most of the time. Need to have a look to see if it's the dash cluster or the sender in the tank.
  10. Towing help??

    On your V5. Either way it's 600kg unbraked, 1200kg braked. 50kg max nose weight. From experience I wouldn't want to tow much more than 750kg though.
  11. Tyres 205 45

    Uniroyal Rainsport 3's. Possibly the best balance of cost, dry and wet performance you can get.
  12. I want my old ibiza back.. can someone help?

    Never go back, it won't be as good as you remember!! Also, you have no idea how well the subsequent owners have treated it...
  13. Do I need to get my EGR 'mapped out'

    MIne's off after replacing my KKK turbo for a garrett. Light comes on regularly, but I just ignore it and use torque to keep an eye on fault codes. EML light isn't that much use anyway. When the boost hoses pop off or when the old turbo spat it's compressor wheel off the ECU didn't have a clue...
  14. Wiper problems; VCDS say they're on but nothing happens

    Chase the wiring from the motor back, checking for loose connections or corroded earth points. A PC is not the only, or best, way to diagnose faults ;)
  15. Wiring loom cable sizes?

    Strand count is not really a measure of cable CSA. It's more about how flexible the cable is. 16 thick strands will give a bigger cable than 32 tiny strands.
  16. Wiring loom cable sizes?

    Just try and match the current wire. Without having looked at one, they're not high current, so 0.5mm^2 cable will be fine.
  17. Gauge fitment

    I'll probably go down that route then, will report back once I have one!
  18. Sticking gears

    Yup that's them. Get a mate to waggle the gearstick whilst you watch in the bay, makes it pretty clear!
  19. turbo blown advise for repair

    Mine does that (or did, might not any more!), starts after a couple of minutes of idling. Seems to be coupled with a slight change in engine note too. I've always just figured it was the EGR adjusting because of EGT changes or something at idle. Mine warms up quite nicely if I leave it to idle...
  20. limp mode

    Try and diagnose the actual fault before blindly removing/deleting parts. Pop the vac hose off to the EGR and block up the end, is the problem still there? Check the cover going to the box where all the vac lines run to is on properly. If it happened after you've removed a part the chances are...
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