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  1. Wiper motor reset after changing

    Hey mate I loosened the nut off the wiper arm and moved it over , after a few try’s it worked it’s way back and has stayed were it should be I think it just has to learn the position
  2. Aidan's Mk2 Leon Cupra

    must be so frustrating for you mate , can clearly see something is very wrong with that
  3. Aidan's Mk2 Leon Cupra

    Are you on the Facebook tfsi tuning page @Aidanr97 ? Alex is on there from aks tuning I’m Sure he will be able to give a bit of insight on the problem.
  4. *Big update 04/09/19* My 1P Leon Cupra's Journey from stock - stage 2 - TTE 420 (Picture heavy)

    This thing is one of a kind ..love it @Jairm88 I’m planning on doing the wellycooler setup next month , did you get the pipe kit made up at rtech ? I’m going to try and use as little silicone pipes as possible .
  5. Aidan's Mk2 Leon Cupra

    5mm @Kenan
  6. Aidan's Mk2 Leon Cupra

    I know the feeling mate ive got a holiday to save for as well as having a little girl who's obsessed with Disney at the moment £25 a toy haha i recommend doing the pickup with a set of Long Ball End Hex Allen Bits to hand (gets to the ones hidden behind the bell housing with ease. fingers...
  7. Aidan's Mk2 Leon Cupra

    Yeah we tried bleeding it up a few times now, didn't use a pressure bleeder just did it manually but there was no air in the system, sort of hoping it is an issue with the clutch tbh, I think the helix have had a few issues before but as a company they seem decent compared to the others So...
  8. Aidan's Mk2 Leon Cupra

    I had near on exactly the same last year with a civic type R clutch me and a mate replaced bled it out a few times ... still crawled forward in between selecting 1st also 1st was very notchy In the end manually bled the clutch then followed by a pressure bleed sorted it (there a god send) .
  9. Aidan's Mk2 Leon Cupra

    haha yeah that could be awkward im hoping RS4 valve and hpfp internals are next on your list ? then the fun really starts :rocker:
  10. Aidan's Mk2 Leon Cupra

    Get her down to rtech @Aidanr97 :) fingers crossed for you sorting it man ! im sure it will be something simple.
  11. Aidan's Mk2 Leon Cupra

    Oh that sucks mate , i was about to order mine today haha hope it gets sorted asap !
  12. Aidan's Mk2 Leon Cupra

    Nice , i cant wait to put one in now its killing me not being able to go full bore past 3rd gear haha . Car is looking great btw really liking the progress
  13. Aidan's Mk2 Leon Cupra

    What clutch did you go for @Aidanr97 ? im thinking of getting the helix kit with dual mass next month from aks
  14. Ash's K1

    Sorry @Sharpy i just looked at this again you said the holder haha ebay number 223329009483 can get it in gloss back or carbon effect
  15. Ash's K1

    Update guys ! Decided a nice set of wheels were well overdue Next mod will have to be a clutch to handle the 391ft-lb of torque also a suspension refresh Tyres are federal 595 rs-R
  16. Bye FR+, hello Speed Blue MK2 Cupra R

    Did you get a fault /diag scan report with your invoices/power printout jon ? , they do a full health check/scan prior mapping . Mine came up with a few ignition faults and a stereo earth antenna intermittent short
  17. Bye FR+, hello Speed Blue MK2 Cupra R

    I know what you mean Jon mines stg2+ rtech I think It’s the way niki maps the tcs . Quicker you put your foot down the harder the tcs kicks in , Ive now learned how to use it properly going from a nuisance to an advantage I put my foot down say half 40-50% way round a Bend then on the exit...
  18. Bye FR+, hello Speed Blue MK2 Cupra R

    Any news on the sports cat situation Jon ? was so gutted i couldn't help i was buzzing the whole way home thinking yes i can maybe sort this haha
  19. Bye FR+, hello Speed Blue MK2 Cupra R

    Pmd you on Facebook Jon
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