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  1. Top Mounts and Bearings

    Hi Andrew, I have an address in Northern Ireland, BT36 4PE
  2. Top Mounts and Bearings

    I'm about to get lowering springs fitted and want to replace the top mounts and bearings when it's being done. I've a 2012 Leon MK2 FR TDI. Can u include postage to Ireland, thanks
  3. Lowering Springs

    Will do, worth doing when the suspension is out.
  4. Black Grille for Facelift leon part number and cost found

    That price is from 10 years ago, zombie thread
  5. Lowering Springs

    I'm planning to (finally) get my lowering springs fitted and wonder is there any bushes that would be good to replace when in there.
  6. Anyone running Forge Spacers?

    Is that 10mm per side so 20mm on the front and 15x2 on the back. I'm going to be running 18 Seat sport 18 which I'm going to repaint in goldish. I just want to be sure if it's 10mm/15mm or actually 20mm/30mm per axel. Don't want to order the wrong ones. Thanks and yes my other car had gold...
  7. BBS Seatsport 18's Painted

    I have a set of these alloys to go in my1P Leon Mk2 and was wondering has anyone painted the alloy black and left the face silver ish. I want a darker look for the car as going for a Red (car colour) and black contrast. I have had a look around and didnt see it done.
  8. SEAT Sport BBS 18" Alloy Wheels

    How much posted to Ireland?
  9. SEAT Sport BBS 18" Alloy Wheels

    Would u sell the spare?
  10. Best place for Genuine Parts

    Hi All, My boot lock has called it a day and looking for a Genuine replacement. i used to use Sere but since they left the scene what are people using. Tried Listers here but just not coming back on my query. I'm based in Ireland btw
  11. Leon 2012 1P Boot lock

    And how much is postage to Ireland
  12. Leon 2012 1P Boot lock

    My boot is not locking, just makes a buzzing noise as looking for a replacement lock. Thanks
  13. FR TDI oil leak after service

    We haven't many specialist servicing places in Ireland. So away from main dealers I usually find them as very doggy. Hence when getting the timing belt done I went to the dealer. Didn't think they would cause an oil leak on my car. It's just a service it was getting.
  14. FR TDI oil leak after service

    They said that they would call me back in the morning with an update.
  15. FR TDI oil leak after service

    Should says that they can't identify the leak which is very concerning. There is sign of a oil leak on my drive so was leaking for the two weeks I guess. If they forgot the sump plug it wouldn't have taken two weeks to drop the oil. Leak is from higher up the engine. I don't remember seeing any...
  16. FR TDI oil leak after service

    Hi All, I dropped in my 2012 CR TDI 170 into the main dealer for a major service and timing belt. Car has 100k mile on it. That was two weeks ago and yesterday the oil level light came on. I checked and the drip stick was dry!!! I put about 1.5 litres of oil into the car and drove straight to...
  17. Side lights!

    Ill give it a twisting and see what happens.
  18. Side lights!

    Got the ebay led to try them and wondering how to get the bulb holder out. Is it clipped in? Didnt force it as dont want to break anything
  19. Race Chip Car Throttle

    Makes sense, really interested in the Car Throttle one but.... Its really cheap which worries me. I had an Angel Remap on my Octavia vRS Mk1 for about 160k miles and was super. Don want to spent the money on a Revo Remap if this is just as good for 1/4 the price.
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