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  1. Breezapom

    Shifter Spring

    Right Getting this Sorted 2mo Thanks to JKM Shame The Spring Comes Complete with the housing not bad for around £60
  2. Breezapom

    Shifter Spring

    Hi Just Curious if anyone else has had the spring go and is it easy to replace? Any Help would be great,please see image to see what i mean Thanks :cry:
  3. Breezapom

    m0rk's 2011 Skoda Octavia vRS CR170 HV61XAR

    Lovely Car mark one day il have a family wagon and this is or a bora would be on top of my list
  4. Breezapom

    Locking an Ibiza FR without the alarm?

    i just press the key fob twice quickly on lock that seems to work no that i have done it many times but alarm hasnt gone off? mines a facelift fr
  5. Breezapom

    BaezoN's iBiza MK4 (SWAP TDI to 20VT)

    Looking Good Mate Alot Of Effor has been put into this with great results! :thumbup:
  6. Breezapom

    Front Bumper Skirt

    we had one at work with that splitter it looked gash up close to be honest and for that price get yourself a cupra bumper
  7. Breezapom

    gregor's red beeeza

    Looking Good Mate Obviously you have plans anything away from outside the box? or just the little things first like lowering etc?
  8. Breezapom

    m0rk's 2010 Ibiza Cupra HN60 RHF

    400 Miles a tank Nice!! i average about 240 but i do get up a late and rush to work every morning haha!
  9. Breezapom

    SEATCupra.net 10 years old

    Congrats All Brilliant news! 10 years That itself speaks out how good this site is.But This site wouldnt be nothing Without the Site Admins Great job all and keep up the good work :D And Mark Maybe some Sort Of gathering At an event This year would be a good way to celebrate no?
  10. Breezapom

    Any one know the story of this car??

    I wouldnt pay the money that the dealer wants for a cat C Car!# also if the damage was minimal it would of been a cat D
  11. Breezapom

    Bean's Mk4 Beeza- breaking to standard...

    haha all 4 i presume and diff colour??
  12. Breezapom

    Bean's Mk4 Beeza- breaking to standard...

    Bah if id known u hadent of purchased the other ones id of got u a good price on any tyre never mind tho glad your sorted!!
  13. Breezapom

    Gooner_Mike's Ibiza FR 20vt

    Sorry to hear that mate.I dont think mine will be far behind yours to be honest
  14. Breezapom

    Bean's Mk4 Beeza- breaking to standard...

    Agreed they come as standard on my Fr (P Zero Nero)and low and behold i got rid as soon as possible! Got the Toyos on now and there lasting loads more and better grip and there cheaper!! Have you Signed on the dotted line for these??
  15. Breezapom

    m0rk's 2010 Ibiza Cupra HN60 RHF

    Looking Good Mark Not a bad colour at all ;)
  16. Breezapom

    Jacks mk4 Ibiza Cupra, team ds:lc

    Cheapest Thing todo is to get a cone filter and a forge split/r (blows Atmos and recirc's or a 007p which just Recirculates.I currently have both split/r is slighty louder mind
  17. Breezapom

    Jacks mk4 Ibiza Cupra, team ds:lc

    I've heard a few bad things about the fks over the years I'd go ap's vmax or weitec but that's down to you.car looks ace mind I'd stick with the cupra rims as there's not many wheels that will fit over those mahooosive ap breaks. What sort Of bov Im sure your aware that the atmospheric Bovs...
  18. Breezapom

    Bean's Mk4 Beeza- breaking to standard...

    loking nice and Tidy Mate did we quote u? let me know and ill see if i can sort somthing out ;) Sorry i didnt say hello i wasnt paying much attention and was havin a lil Strop over nothing haha
  19. Breezapom

    Tom A`s MK4 Ibiza 180 Tdi *Cruise Control - Being Scrapped

    wheels are alot better mate gives the car a much better look :)
  20. Breezapom

    Milltek exhaust problem

    I think it's just a case of the exhaust not coming close to the bumper edge. I beleive it's just a case of losening the joint and sliding the exhaust back a bit then re clamping
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