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  1. What did you and your MK2 do today?

    Paid £400 notes for some swirl flap related work that the warranty didn't cover [:@] and then bought myself a bluefin for the Fr :D
  2. Expecting Twins - space, buggys and seats

    I'd say give it a go. Too many people panic sell/buy when they have kids. I managed for 5 years with three growing boys in the back of my mk1 Octy vRS. Yes the boot is a little bigger than a Leon and I didn't need two buggies at any one time but hopefully it gives you an idea. Congrats and...
  3. Shark/Darkside Developments

    Thanks for the reply. I am aware of the generic status of the bluefin but I like the idea of being able to switch back to standard. The reason being my only other experience of mapping a diesel was back in 2004 when I had a brand new Leon Cupra tdi 150. With a generic Revo map that car...
  4. Shark/Darkside Developments

    Hi What do the above charge for a simple stage 1 remap and how do they compare to Bluefin re results and how aggressive/linear the power delivery is? Cheers Jimbo
  5. Leon FR BTCC

    Depending on the year check with SEAT UK that it has had the injectors changed (wasn't termed as a recall but was as good as) Make sure there is no hesitation under hard acceleration and no excessive black smoke from the exhaust Check that all doors lock/unlock remotely Check the door...
  6. PD 170 FR broke down!!

    Well I finally get my car back this evening after 5 weeks away! Not the garages fault tbh. Ended up with a new inlet manifold. Part of the delay was caused by the first replacement manifold being faulty itself. So new dual pump and a new manifold. Haven't had the bill yet but do have an...
  7. Mk2 leon mirror not unfolding??

    Common issue I'm afraid. Mine have a mind of their own. I just don't fold them anymore.
  8. Xennon Issue - Cupra

    I had the same issue. Firstly swapped the ballasts around to confirm it was that then got one off fleabay for £50 You do not need to remove anything in order to replace them. it's fiddly but bottom screws you can remove using a small screw driver with a UJ, a mirror and very flexible fingers!
  9. Glow Plug Waring Light Flashing

    I have just had the same thing on my 2008 PD170 FR Yes get it looked at as something is clearly not right. Suggestions as to what is wrong vary but range from DPF to a sensor failure. I ended up with a new fuel pump (I actually broke down) and I still have an issue with running which looks...
  10. Darkside inlet manifold question

    Hi Guys, I know this subject has been touched on a lot but please hear me out. My BMN 170 engined Leon is currently in the garage following a breakdown and subsequent fuel pump replacement. However it still has a hesitation due to a possible inlet manifold/swirl flap issue. I know...
  11. PD 170 FR broke down!!

    Well it broke down because the fuel pump packed up. However, it is hesitating still and as you say it's suspected the swirl flaps are stuck. Hopefully get it back in a couple of days. They haven't pressed on with it because I've been on a course for two weeks and have a free loaner. I'm cool...
  12. PD 170 FR broke down!!

    Hi all, On Thursday eve I broke down after 2 1/2 years trouble free motoring. Car is 2008 FR PD170 TDI with 140K on the clock Car is in fantastic condition with full history and has literally only just had oil and filter last week. I do 60 miles a day A road driving and the car gets a good...
  13. spring advice please

    Cheers fellas Are the Eibachs progressive?
  14. spring advice please

    Thanks Daniel
  15. spring advice please

    Looking at fitting some upgraded springs to the MK2 FR so hoping for advice please. HR seem popular anyone got experience of these? Looking at the sport springs rather than super sport. Also to go with them some wheel spacers. What mm can I get away with without threatening the arches? (I...
  16. Build week for new Cupra 290's

    Bucking Fastards!!
  17. Build week for new Cupra 290's

    I think SEAT have stopped taking dealer orders due to new car/FL coming. No orders until new year. Probably had a knock on effect within the fleet market. Two days ago I found a deal on an ST 290 DSG 9+23 15k 217 a month inc vat When I enquired was told that deal had ended but there was...
  18. Build week for new Cupra 290's

    Seriously thinking of changing my mk2 FR for a mk3 Cupra and was wondering what deals people have managed on theirs? PCP or private lease? I will have enough for the maximum deposit including dealer £2.5K and I do around 15k per year. Have been quoted £261/month on a monsoon grey ST DSG...
  19. getting some slack when taking up the power...............

    Thanks for that chap. V useful. :)
  20. Ride height

    Hi all, Just had new genuine SEAT rear dampers and springs and front struts fitted and the car seems to sit a little higher than before. I've heard of this but wanted to make sure it was normal. Will it settle after a while? It feels great btw. Cheers Jimbo
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