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  1. Tyre Pressure Dropped

    It's not a hobby, it's a financial commitment!:scary: But it means joining a big family of people who will always be sympathetic to your cause of suffering :cheers: Here's a good place to start... https://www.landyzone.co.uk/forum/ Whichever part has fallen off, there'll be someone who has had...
  2. Tyre Pressure Dropped

    Maybe, i'm used to Land Rovers. Based on previous experience, i'm convinced some of their equipment is pre corroded before fitting...
  3. Tyre Pressure Dropped

    Thank you. I know what my problem is. I can see the corrosion on the inside of the rim. No tyre fitter for me. I'll go and see my mate, an ex tyre fitter granted, but now he has his own garage and does this sort of thing for me for free. Free, that is if you don't count the biscuits I keep him...
  4. Couple Issues water+overheating

    Are you sure that the cooling fan has a resister in circuit? I've yet to see a car that doesn't have the radiator fan either flat out or off. Sent from my computer using two index fingers
  5. Tyre Pressure Dropped

    Leaks with alloy wheels if it isn't a six inch nail in the tyre is down to corrosion on the inside of the rim which stops the bead from fully sealing. The rear nearside on mine loses about 10psi over the week. I've just bought some new tyres and will be taking all four wheels to my mate who will...
  6. 2020 Forum and website upgrade - feeback here

    It's a bit gold isn't it. My biggest gripe was the ten minutes it took me trying to remember what my log in details were. Then trying to find in which folder and drive i'd got them written down on a notepad file. After that i'm happy enough with it. Come to think of it, i'm not 100% sure i can...
  7. What other things get in the way of you working on the car

    Yeah. We've just started using the crappy stuff I bought the first time I saw some in Tesco. Didn't need it, but after about a month of never seeing any, thought i'd better grab a pack. JEEZ, it's worse than the stuff we use at work that comes in a roll about eight inches in diameter! I'd take...
  8. Ibiza fault help?

    I'd suggest that the tyre was a pure coincidence...
  9. ABS Pump Dead

    Thank you Air...
  10. Loose polystyrene block inside door!

    You can remove the door card and metal casing by removing the outer door handle and lock, lowering the door window until the bolts holding the glass in the bottom channel are visible through the holes in the door case, LOOSENING(not removing) the two bolts, raising the window up and taping the...
  11. PD130 Oil Filter Socket/Wrench

    I'm frankly shocked that there are some people who don't have a comprehensive set of sockets...:blink::cry:
  12. Is this the end?

    If you're happy with the car, i'd consider putting another engine in.
  13. Ibiza fault help?

    I'd like to know how that would cause the faults you listed...
  14. Headlight Help! Part number 6L2941006L

    You are so right about the stock lights being bad... I was talking to a mate who had fitted a set of LED bulbs to his. He reckoned the beam was great, non dazzling. So I bought a pair and mentioned this to our MOT man who then told me that he was talking out of his backside. There is no...
  15. Headlight Help! Part number 6L2941006L

    Thank you for that very comprehensive list. Most helpful! Would all of the different lamps be compatible with a 2005 car? Mine has the twin reflector with black background but i'd love to upgrade to Xenon/HID
  16. Which football team do you support

    Fulchester United F.C.
  17. What other things get in the way of you working on the car

    Work (shifts), weather, xbox, how urgent the job is, how much my cousin will charge to do it for me. He has his own garage.
  18. Seat Ibiza 6L 1.9 TDi 160 Cupra acceleration strange sound

    Sounded like normal road noise to me.
  19. Drivers window/ central locking switches not working

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, finger trouble :rofl:
  20. Headlight Help! Part number 6L2941006L

    You can't walk in to collect, but TPS are still open and will deliver
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