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  1. Readie46

    My Mk1 LCR 225 journal

    blacks the fastest colour:thumbup:
  2. Readie46

    Car detailer Kent

    :thumbup:SM D34N DETAILING have a look on facebook
  3. Readie46

    Amd Essex 25th October rolling Road day! .

    :DI'll be there
  4. Readie46

    amd essex september meet

    I'm going
  5. Readie46

    Hi from Maidstone

  6. Readie46

    Newbie MK1 LCR owner

  7. Readie46

    AmD Rolling Road Day, March 22nd 2015

    Enjoyed yesterday thanks D.K for organising the day
  8. Readie46

    Readie 46 lcr

    600x300x76 had to trim small amount of bumper
  9. Readie46

    Readie 46 lcr

    :DRich me and my mate did my intercooler used REDBULLS guide on here surprised how easy it was Keeping the fogs was quite straight just take your time
  10. Readie46

    Readie 46 lcr

    :confused:Been so long I forgot how to post pics
  11. Readie46

    favourite pic of your car

  12. Readie46

    Readie 46 lcr

    Been 2 years since I ve updated this page WELLYCOOLER FITTING All finished kept fog lights aswell
  13. Readie46

    Deej's mk1 LCR 225

    Someone going be busy weekend
  14. Readie46

    Deej's mk1 LCR 225

    stunning[B)]. I see you've got a liquid gauge ,thinking about getting one myself are they worth it
  15. Readie46

    Newbie with an LCR

  16. Readie46

    New LCR owner

    welcome matty
  17. Readie46

    newbie LCR

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