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  1. K04 Hybrid without remap?

    Yea you can probs get away with a shortish drive, off-boost and everything.
  2. K04 Hybrid without remap?

    If you're upgrading the turbo you really need a map, otherwise you risk serious engine damage.
  3. 1.4 TSI Bulge in engine pipe

    Have you tried onlinecarparts you're best bet is to find the part number and Google that. Blue covered pipe might be a vac line? Probs best to pull the tape off and see whats hiding underneath.
  4. 1.4 TSI Bulge in engine pipe

    Yea looks like a coolant line, to the heater matrix perhaps? Should be easy enough to change, just be careful as it looks like it connects to a plastic T-piece while will snap if you put too much stress on it.
  5. 2012 leon fr

    So in gears 1&2 there's no problems? 3rd gear at 1900 it's shaking like mad? 4th-6th what happens? Driving on the motorway at 70mph, knock it out of gear and coast in neutral and it's rattle free right? Might be looking at a gearbox replacement
  6. 2012 leon fr

    Definitely from the engine? You've pushed the clutch when it happens and coasted?
  7. DPF delete (gutted) worth it in 2020?

    IIRC it's still not sensitive enough to show a car missing a DPF.
  8. Subwoofer install without RCA?

    Yea as long as your sub takes an RCA input you'll be fine, I'd imagine it does.
  9. DPF delete (gutted) worth it in 2020?

    It's a visual inspection, if the tester can't see it's been cut open and welded back together it should pass.
  10. Is this the end?

    Gotta be more than the car is worth surely?
  11. Is this the end?

    Detonation usually causes that damage, failed fuel injector or something on that cylinder. Could be a bad pump or simply a blocked fuel filter.
  12. Remapping & upgrades ?? Seat Leon FR tdi 2.0

    Lots of options, you'll need to change a bunch of other parts as well depending on what turbo you go for.
  13. Leon Mk2 1.6 TDI Poor MPG

    Yea the emissions fix totally screws up the fuel economy and causes all sorts of problems with emission control systems.
  14. 1P Facelift Double Din Fascia Colour?

    You fitting a factory nav system or aftermarket double din? The dealer can't supply you with a Fascia to fit an aftermarket unit, it's only for the RNS-315 and RNS-510.
  15. FR Suspension help

    You buying from Euro Car Parts? If so you want the Sports Suspension type, buy the Sachs springs, pretty sure they are the OEM spring.
  16. Recent test and code that came up

    If you're lucky it will clean it, otherwise you need the turbo rebuilding. Worth checking the actuator and N75 function first as well as checking for any boost or vac leaks.
  17. Recent test and code that came up

    Could be turbo veins
  18. How doe this service history look on potential purchase

    It's not terrible, you'd need to check the service schedule to see if anything big has been missed, but the dealer has done a decent job. You need to check if the cam follower has been checked and/or changed as part of the work they've done.
  19. FR 170 PD

    Faulty wiring or just faulty injector? Good catch on figuring it out, not a common problem.
  20. FR 170 PD

    Did you set the actuator up? I think it needs properly configuring in VCDS.
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