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  1. Auto Unlock not working.

    Just a wee update on this. Had it plugged into VAG-COM to switch it off and then back on again and it didn't work. So I ordered a bunch of new mini blade fuses and replaced ALL the ones in the fuse box and it now works.
  2. Auto Unlock not working.

    Wilz1234 your bang on. The standard radio does stay on after the keys have been removed which is my biggest hate. But I changed the stereo instantly and thought it might have been normal for this. So what's the cure for it. I have a cheap VCDS cable from eBay.
  3. Auto Unlock not working.

    My Fr150 locks the doors as I drive off. When I've finished my journey the doors used to unlock themselfs when I took the keys out of the ignition. The interior lights also came on at this point too. Now this isn't happening when I take the keys out. The doors still lock as I drive away but...
  4. Which spring fit the FR

    Thanks very much for clearing that up Damian. Just had a look on your site. Thinking of the 35mm drop @ £85 (Part Number: FKAI001) Can you confirm that these will fit.
  5. Which spring fit the FR

    I have a 2005 FR+ and I'm thinking of buying new lowering springs. Do I need to buy ones for the cupra or will anyone ones for the mk1 fit. Cheers.
  6. what have you done to your car today ?

    Was done a few days ago but still... New sachs clutch and flywheel kit from Darkside.
  7. rev limiter

    I've got it written in to my remap. It's not something I use all the time pulling away normal is fine but it's good if your taking the car to a 1/4 day. I'd imaging it would put a lot of extra stress on the clutch using it a lot.
  8. what have you done to your car today ?

    Needs washed again. But happy Halloween. Lol
  9. What is your car's Dyno Figures

    You can upload to Dropbox, Photo bucket or any other storage site and share it on here. I'm sure photo bucket has a link you copy and paste to here and it'll display the pic. It's just been pointed out to me that I could be reading my Dyno printout wrong. I might have in the region of 340-345...
  10. What is your car's Dyno Figures

    Just got mines mapped and Dyno'd today. 199 bhp and 325 lb of torque. It's a 2005 FR with Stainless from cat back and a cone filter. Is everyone with the FR still running standard clutch. I'm wondering how long it's likely to last.
  11. Splitters!!

    Mines was stolen before I got the car. Looks much better with than without. I really should get one on it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bg6uwxtq2tr3win/20140618_173817.jpg?dl=0
  12. Scottish SeatCupra.net Members

    Where abouts in NL I have a Red FR+ and from Coatbridge. I'll keep an eye out for you. Don't see that many about.
  13. Leon fr tdi intercooler

    Is the S3 intercooler from the BAM engine. I was also looking to upgrade the intercooler and not sure which one to go for.
  14. wiring in DRLs

    I done these on my old Audi A4 and took a feed from the remote on the stereo which was great.
  15. FR+ & LCR Body Panel Compatibility

    Not long had my 55 plate FR+ and some wee ******** (insert whatever you like here) has hit it with some sort or brick, bottle or other missile. It's damaged both doors on the drivers side with the front door taking the worst. It's very close the the black part in between front and back so I've...
  16. FR front grill question.

    Just checked the receipt. It was £28.08 Inc Vat.
  17. FR front grill question.

    Aye. I got one from a local Seat Dealer. It wasn't in stock but they had it in for me within 3 days and it was a very good price. I can't remember off the top of my head but I'll check the receipt later and let you know.
  18. SCN Scottish Meet 2014

    I'd be up for a Crail day.
  19. 2006 Ibiza FR TDi - Project Smke

    Na didn't go on the dyno. I've only got a Cone filter and cat back stainless. I had to leave early as well. I forgot I had someone coming to see me at 11. I've got some pics too but I'll need to go through them and edit the regi out.
  20. 2006 Ibiza FR TDi - Project Smke

    Seen the car today. Looked good. Mines was the red Mk1 FR parked at the back.
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