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  1. 184 remap

    If still within warranty, then a tuning box such as the DTUK is your best bang for your buck. You can simply unplug it when it's servicing time. I bought mines 2 years ago for £350, and it's the best decision I made. Once connected, which btw is very easy to do, you can control all the relevant...
  2. S3 S Tronic VS Leon 184 DSG

    You're not helping:( lol
  3. S3 S Tronic VS Leon 184 DSG

    £300pm for a 18/68 plate 335d Estate with about 10k milage on it. Or £350pm for an S3 with delivery mileage... 1st world problems, I know.
  4. S3 S Tronic VS Leon 184 DSG

    Makes m The worrying part is that if I choose to test drive a more powerful diesel (335d Estate), considering that a tuning box would take it to around 350 bhp (insane for a diesel) it will make even harder to choose petrol.
  5. S3 S Tronic VS Leon 184 DSG

    Current set up: Facelift Leon ST 184 DSG with a DTUK box. Lease is due to end soon, so I thought I would maybe try something different. Took out a 69 plate S3 Black Edition for a 2 hour test drive. Vast improvement in terms of interior quality. However, that's where it all ends. Maybe it's...
  6. Coming home light’s don’t work?

    IMO, ever since I coded this option I don't think I could do without it. It gives the car that extra bit of premium look, especially since most cars over £20k seem to have it. I always thought it was down right stupid from Seat not to include this option as standard, given all the extra safety...
  7. Coming home light’s don’t work?

    Nope, you can't do it with Carista. Needs to be OBDeleven.
  8. Coming home light’s don’t work?

    It can be done, even without Auto Lights. However, you need OBDeleven to start with. Have you got one? If so, then search for Coming Home/Leaving Home lights and you will find a full thread on this forum dedicated to it.
  9. Will new MK4 Leon have a powerful diesel engine?

    As per title... A lot of the MK4 news are suggesting just a standard 1.5 TDI or a bog standard 2.0 TDI. It would be very dissapointing if they didn't offer at least a 200ps TDI engine, kinda like the 40 TDI on the A4 etc.. My current car (A 184 DSG with a DTUK tuning box) has an astonishing...
  10. PCP or HP or leasing?

    Faced the same dilemma when I went for my 184 FR DSG Estate. Decided to go with a 3 year lease and added a DTUK box a couple of months later. I'm due to hand it back June 2020. Whilst I'm going to miss it, I certainly wouldn't like to be dealing with a car out with the standard 3 year...
  11. Coming Home/Leaving Home DRLs

    Thanks for that. Copied it like for like but still nothing. Oh well, at least I have LED low beams and the LED Fogs coming on at the same time when unlocking, which is bettter than I had before.
  12. Coming Home/Leaving Home DRLs

    Can someone with Auto Lights use their OBDEleven and tell me what their Leuchte 2, Leuchte 3, Leuchte 4 and Leuchte 5 preset settings are? I have a long history on this forum of trying to get Coming/Leaving Home Lights activated with OBDEleven. Whilst I've managed to get the low Beams to come...
  13. DTUK Setting - 184 DSG

    The Leon never ceases to amaze me. So after yesterday's saga with the Limp Mode being caused by the DTUL box, I reconnectex it this morning and went for 1+2. My goodness, the car pulled like a train. Never felt it pull as hard in the past. The way the car built up speed was something else...
  14. DTUK Setting - 184 DSG

    Thanks for that. I will be taking it for a 30 mile motorway journey tomorrow, so we'll see how everything goes..
  15. DTUK Setting - 184 DSG

    Finally a bit of success. I put the blanking plate and cleared the code. Drove it hard for a bit. I then reconnected the DTUK box and drove it hard, and thankfully no Limp Mode any more. Happy with that. Whatever was causing it, seems to be gone now.
  16. DTUK Setting - 184 DSG

    And now the strangest thing is happening. Irrespective what setting I have it on, the Limp Mode is coming on. I'm having to keep using OBDEleven to erase it, but as soon as the ignition is off and then on again, the Limp Mode is there..
  17. DTUK Setting - 184 DSG

    Not full fully warmed up, but then not fully cold either. However, it's never done it before, even when booting it when the engine wasn't warmed up. Strange..
  18. DTUK Setting - 184 DSG

    Thanks for your input. I guess I was more confused by the fact that it'd been running fine on 2+3 so far but then to go on Limp Mode all of a sudden is what surprised me. I've heard of cars going to Limp Mode when trying a new Map and setting, but never once one has been running on it for some...
  19. DTUK Setting - 184 DSG

    Strangest thing happened today. I've had the box on with Map 2+3 for a couple of months now. Tried different settings and maps but settled for 2 + 3 as the car seemed to pull the best under those settings. However, earlier on today I put my foot down to join the Motorway and Limp Mode came...
  20. Coming Home / Leaving Home without Auto Lights resolved

    After loads of attempts, I managed to do it. This is for facelift cars. Leuchte 6 - Change B6 and C6 from Coming Home Oder to Innenlicht. Leuchte 7 - Change B7 and C7 from Coming Home Oder to Innenlicht. Good luck
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