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  1. Wing replacement.

    Hi all, Not been about for a long time so excuse the ignorance of the question. I'm planning on changing the Ibiza wings to the non rusty version:lol: 1) Do I need to remove the bumper to do this? 2) Does anyone have a pic' that details where each and every screw/bolt that needs to be...
  2. AP Calliper Pins - Needed

    Cheers guys, the MG way might be an easy route..... also found out I have an AP distributor in town..... no idea what the garage have been playing at if they couldn't even source an AP Distributor locally!!!! Essex is going to be a little far, but thanks for the offer, If I was only an hour...
  3. AP Calliper Pins - Needed

    Hi All, Has anyone got a spare front set of calliper pins sat on the side/in their garage? They are for the AP racing callipers as fitted to the MK4 Cupra. I only ask as the garage the wife took it to have lunched the other set. I need them for Monday morning, so can collect if there...
  4. Problems with misting on 9 month old S Copa - now ice inside windscreen.

    I used to have ice on the Inside of the windows every single day. I fixed it by selling the bag of crap. Don't even waste your time with the dealers or Seat UK. You'll get more joy asking your wife's sister for a BJ than you will ask them to fix this issue. Ps mine was under warranty.
  5. New Alloys - PICS Inside

    :cartman: FIAT.....there I said it.... :cartman: I will go and get my coat now. ;) PS I feel for you OP.... they are the worst I have seen on a MK2. Wish you good luck selling them on.
  6. Leon mk3?

    :DLike... just build without:- wet windows rusty hubs wet bonnet liner Add things not required to this list, perhaps Seat willl isten ;)
  7. Good deal?

    Are they offerering any kind of warranty as well? May be worth getting some thrown in.
  8. Paint Care

    +1 The front of mine was a mess of stone chips when I sold it at 40K miles.
  9. i hate my car

    Seat at Coventry have been known in the past to sell mapped cars, 3+ years ago. They also have sold models with vinyl raps and other items so I wouldn't be suprised if they spotted your mods. Your argument should be the map is on the ecu and nothing to do with an injector failure. And...
  10. Is the FR the best sporty diesel option ?

    Go and drive a Volvo S60 D3 or D5. I currently have a D3 on the drive whilst my MB is being repaired. The 5 cylinder engine growls an howls, the turbo whistles and the 300lb per foot of torque means your always in the right gear. Very impressed so far. It's also nice to drive, soaks up the...
  11. Rusty front arches

    2005 and 100K
  12. Rusty front arches

    The car is now on 100k miles but is not severely stone chipped. Also has a full Seat history. If it were any other manufacturer I would be happy in the knowledge that they would fix under the warranty without argument, but Seat I'm going to have to have an argument and send letters to the MD...
  13. Rusty front arches

    That's the one. Possible bad batch of wings?
  14. Rusty front arches

    Car is standard, so no rolled arches and arch liners are in place. Thought body work was all galvanised on them.
  15. Rusty front arches

    Just above the centre of the wheels on both sides bubbling up from below. Will see if I can Find time for pics tomorrow.
  16. Rusty front arches

    As above has anyone had these on their Ibiza? Our Mk4 Cupra TDI has got rusty arches on both sides. We have owned the car since new so are somewhat suprised that this is happening. I know there is a 12 year rust warranty so will be getting it into the dealers to get it fixed..... Can't...
  17. Owner Manual...FRENCH?????

    Is your car an import or a UK car? If it is a UK car then the hand book should be UK spec..... ;) Suggest you do some homework on this and then go back to SEAT if it is a UK car and have the hand book changed under warranty to a UK spec hand book...... assuming your still under warranty (3...
  18. Leon FR TFSI- Using a LOT of oil.

    You may be right, most of my 42K driving was done either on M-ways or commuting to work where all you can do is cruise at the same speed as the traffic. Therefore I was very often sat in 6th gear just moving with everyone else.
  19. Info on running a cupra

    Have a word with yourself! :rofl: What Rob said is true, you do expect the salesman to know the answers to those questions. You would also expect him to know what his warranty will be worth with all of the mods he plans and also to be aware of the issues (failures) that have been happening on...
  20. Passengers Door - Lock Not Catching

    It was recently serviced and moves perfectly. At each dealer service these should be greased.
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