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  1. &rew

    VAG-com in Ipswich Area

    My pain in the a** Mk1 Leon Cupra decided that a few days before trading it in would be a great time to throw an engine management warning up on the dash. Can anyone in the Ipswich area with VAG-com help please? I'm located in the IP2 area and just need to read/clear a fault code. Many...
  2. &rew

    Boost gauge options

    I don't suppose you have a link for those do you? It could make my life a lot more peaceful... :)
  3. &rew

    Boost gauge options

    I'd advise against the cheapo Autogauge ones from Halfords. I've got one in a vent pod and the needle buzzes/vibrates/generally makes an annoying noise when you're on full boost. Spending a bit more money seems to be the way forward!
  4. &rew

    Silver LC, what colour wheels will suit?

    I'll be running gunmetal/anthracite RS6's on my silver LC very soon. If you haven't made a choice in a week or so I'll get a pic up!
  5. &rew

    How to - Change Brake Light Switch

    Serious help needed guys! I've followed this guide to the letter, plugged the wires back in, turned the ignition on and the brake lights are on permanently!!! What the :censored::censored: am I doing wrong?!
  6. &rew

    Engine under tray

    It's also useful when working in the engine bay and dropping screws...
  7. &rew

    Engine under tray

    Haha, weight saving or cooling? :lol:
  8. &rew

    Engine under tray

    And there was me thinking that mine has been missing all along! :p
  9. &rew

    Best Looking Cupra!!!!

    The oval tailpipe helps too!
  10. &rew

    green cotton panel filters

    Definitely essential! I cleaned mine a few weeks ago, you wouldn't believe the amount of crap that was in it. They do say on the box every 6 months or xx amount of miles. I'd say I notced a difference but it was probably a placebo effect. One thing is for sure though, if the filter is blocked...
  11. &rew

    painting alloys...

    A guide to refurbing and painting alloys, by adam cupra 20vt. I saw the finished result up close and personal, looked very good! http://www.seatcupra.net/forums/showthread.php?t=219747
  12. &rew

    My Platinum Grey LCR - Another 14 laps at the 'ring

    :lol::lol::lol::roflmao::roflmao: I'll believe it when I see it bud!
  13. &rew

    Indicators not flashing when locking car

    I've got a similar issue with mine. The passenger door is intermittently either not unlocking or locking. When it does lock the mechanism sounds laboured. When it was on VAG-com recently there was a voltage issue warning for the passenger door. I might try the palm of the hand technique as I...
  14. &rew

    My Platinum Grey LCR - Another 14 laps at the 'ring

    When did you paint your badge(r) blue?
  15. &rew

    My Platinum Grey LCR - Another 14 laps at the 'ring

    How did the slicks hold up at Snett mate?
  16. &rew

    Gear knobs

    It most ceratinly does fit. It just involves a cable tie or two to make the gaitor fit properly around the bottom of the knob, as the K1 has and angled base whilst the standard cupra one is flat. The cable ties are all hidden underneath the gaitor though, so no eyesores. I'd recommend...
  17. &rew

    Thrashing the car when the oil is low!

    Take a joke man! To be honest, your question has already been answered. Either too much oil causing limp mode or you've knackered the lump/turbo. Best of luck getting it sorted!
  18. &rew

    Thrashing the car when the oil is low!

    What's the registration of the car? Just so everyone on here can avoid it :p
  19. &rew

    wife now around little finger, exhaust time!!!!

    Shouldn't have been so lazy... http://www.pipercams.co.uk/exhaustshop/product_info.php?cPath=460_467&products_id=4340
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