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  1. Leaving Seat

    My local dealer went bust in Basingstoke, so I have just ordered a new 2018 Polo GTi. Bye for now. Tony
  2. FR suspension

    I really like the FR SC suspension. It's firm, but the road handling is excellent. Tony
  3. One reverse light ?

    The reverse light is useless. I am going to try putting the hazards on tonight. Tony Tried that, not much help.
  4. One reverse light ?

    And it's virtually useless too. My Wife's Fabia has a great reverse light. Tony
  5. New Leon SC

    Oh, thank goodness, they are still doing the 1.8 petrol DSG. I was looking on the phone website and could only find the 1.4 engine. Tony
  6. New Leon SC

    What; nothing between 150 b.h.p. and 290 b.h.p. A disaster, I shall not be trading in my 1.8 petrol for another Seat; the Cupra is too expensive. May have to be a Golf or buy from the Far East, what a pity. Tony
  7. The Ridiculous Fading Panel Lights

    The only setting on a non Auto LED Lights Leon where the panel lights stay on is headlights on. Tony
  8. The Ridiculous Fading Panel Lights

    That's because I don't have auto lights and it happens when I don't have the lights on. So I now drive with the lights on permanently, throughout the year. Tony
  9. The Ridiculous Fading Panel Lights

    SEAT's answer to my original complaint was that the panel lights dim to remind you to switch on your headlights and was a safety feature. I asked them 'what is safer both hands on the wheel or one hand on the wheel and one on the light switch and in high summer too'. They could not answer...
  10. Rain X

    Don't put Rain X on the windscreen, you will have very poor vision at night in the rain; it smears badly. Great for side windows and mirrors and even better on shower cubicles. Tony
  11. Basingstoke Dealer Gone Bust

    City Motor Holdings are now in receivership. That means no Seat, Skoda, Ford, Citroen, Peugeot, Honda dealers in Basingstoke. Nearest Seat dealer is 13 miles away, so no more pick up and return. I am hopeful that someone will buy it. Tony
  12. Leon Mk 3 1.8 FR SC DSG Lamda Sensor

    Hi, Car called in for a Lamda Sensor change under a 'campaign'. Any others had the same? Tony
  13. The Ridiculous Fading Panel Lights

    I found a setting deep in the menu which enables the panel lights to be dimmed and I generally drive around with the headlights full on to avoid the distraction of losing the dash lighting when a sparrow flies over the car! Tony
  14. ECO Mode

    I recon ECO mode is dangerous, because you think you are driving a Leon SC 1.8 DSG and in fact you have the performance of a 2CV i.e. 0-60 mph eventually. Very easy to be lured into a dangerous situation on roundabouts and junctions. Tony
  15. ECO Mode

    I did two identical journeys over two days. First as I usually drive, a mixture of Sport and Normal, returning 35.5 mpg. Second all in ECO, returning 35.4 mpg. Mixture of dual carriageway and urban about 15 miles. So ECO mode is useless and probably only used when testing on the rolling road...
  16. Leon Cupra vs Golf R - I can't decide

    Let your bank manager decide!
  17. New Ateca

    Will it be cheaper than the nice Skoda Yeti?
  18. DSG reliability?

    The previous comment 'not connected' is not entirely valid, as you can take complete control of DSG box by gearlever or paddle's and make much quicer and smoother gearchanges. Than manual of course.
  19. Multi Function Dash Display Gone

    There must be a little bit of technology I have not quite mastered after 6 months. The head unit was on and I thought I had pressed the left hand round knob. But heh, it's working again. Tony
  20. Multi Function Dash Display Gone

    This morning it came on OK, so I disabled 'Show clock on standby'. BTW I did nothing to turn it off. I searched the manual and could find nothing on how to turn Multi Function Screen on and off: how did you do it? Tony
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