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  1. First Official Pictures Leaked (Unverified)

    Damn so I should pick up a saw ?
  2. First Official Pictures Leaked (Unverified)

    Anybody seen an pictures of the boot/hatch area? The numbers are high but is the space usable? Or is it some strange shape? In other words can it take two large suitcases? Or would a person be lucky to fit two carryons?
  3. 2017 Leon!!!

  4. 2017 Leon!!!

    The new Golf is getting a new seven speed DSG. Replacing the six speed. I assume this means it'll be more robust then the current seven speed. Is the Leon keeping the old DSG?
  5. 2017 Leon!!!

    Didn't think I could. The other thing is there are plenty of news reports maybe somebody could find a better one then I did
  6. 2017 Leon!!!

    If you read Spanish (or google translate) it's in various Spanish news sources. Put seat leon españa into google and search news. The one from autodato has prices and engines
  7. 2017 Leon!!!

    Seat Spain has released prices and features. No idea if the same prices etc will apply across all Seat countries.
  8. Why was my dash cam unplugged for an oil change service

    Always to have the most information possible before asking the service manager. If the manager mentions privacy laws he now knows it's not a made up excuse.
  9. Leon Problems

    I've had no mechanical problems with my Citroen. But first the wiring for the tail lights went. Wasn't designed for daylight running. Then the wiring to the engine electronics went and that meant they all need changing. If the wiring wasn't designed for the very lowest cost I'd never have...
  10. 2017 Leon: Online Configurator/Brochure?

    Locally they're saying prices will be announced November. Orders some time after that.
  11. Leon 2016 facelift???

    Okay but Android auto and all the apps would still be on the 8inch screen. Isn't that right?
  12. Leon 2016 facelift???

    Isn't the digital dashboard the instruments? Google maps would be on the 8inch screen. No? The idea of digital instruments doesn't appeal to me.
  13. Leon 2016 facelift???

    They've said pricing will be basically flat with more stuff included :think: Of course they could lower the discounts. The new trim level is supposed to be priced like the FR They can't hike prices without forcing people to buy the Golf. Even now if you want certain options you can only...
  14. 2017 Leon!!!

    VW is supposed to release new modular engines next year. All 500cc per cylinder
  15. 2017 Leon!!!

    The impression I get is all that info including prices won't be announced until November when the price list goes out. The Italian news reports mention an additional €300-500 of value in the various cars. What used to be optional now included but they don't mention what items and which models.
  16. Leon 2016 facelift???

    "The FR and the XCELLENCE trims, will be at the same price in order to offer the best possible options to different kinds of drivers. The FR is for those looking for a sportier, more driving experience, whereas the XCELLENCE is focused on comfort, elegance and the latest technology."
  17. Leon 2016 facelift???

    Supposedly VW has sent out an announcement that the new Golf will be released next month. I figure the Leon will closely follow.
  18. Leon 2016 facelift???

    Isn't the GTE a lot more then the basic Golfs? From what I'd understood the 48V hybrid system VW is building will be similar in price to the current diesel options.
  19. Leon 2016 facelift???

    Rumour was VW is planning a partial hybrid option for the Golf but the 48v kit is still too expensive for anything smaller/cheaper then the golf. I'd be surprised if Seat got a hybrid before VW.
  20. Paris Motor Show 2016

    The Golf is also supposed to get a face lift. I wonder if they don't want to announce both together.
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