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  1. Leon

    SEAT Sport UK call time on the BTCC

    Gutted! Shocked when I read the news tonight. Plato's interview on Crash.net says he was only told at 11am meeting today so obviously the withdrawel wasn't something on SEAT's mind, with all the talk of next year after more bad luck at races this year! I just hope Jason gets another drive as...
  2. Leon

    WTCC Puebla Mexico This Weekend

    That's Martin Haven, he's been doing it for years!:happy:
  3. Leon

    SEAT Preview 2008 Leon TDI

    Glad that the car is finally totally yellow. And the Holiday Inn sponsorship aint bad - from what I've read Vauxhall decided it took away their identity, but with the SEAT it still works well.
  4. Leon

    SEAT Sport Uk to go Derv -Official

    One advantage to diesel is the far better looking front end. Sort of Cupra style, with the added vent on the bonnet (i assume this is to allow air to pass through and intercooler and out freely).
  5. Leon

    SEAT Sport Uk to go Derv -Official

    I remember seeing Monza WTCC footage and the TDi's whizzing by. It's a sort of weird sound, not one I will manage to get to like easily. Mind you I'm all for it in the BTCC, Seat would be standing still keeping the petrol unit IMO!
  6. Leon

    Everyone ready for btcc 2008

    I think it was Matt Neal that said a BMW bumper is £2000 - which is from when they were considering what cars to go for in 2006. Actually re Neal moving to Vauxhall I heard it's simply because Dynamics need more money, which freeing up the seat to Chilton has done.
  7. Leon

    Thank You

    Hi Jason! Thanks for a great year of entertainment - you're one of the few drivers who recognises thats what Touring Car's are all about. :) Loved being at Brands to see your two wins in April - well worth the trip from Scotland, was also at Oulton Park and of course my local Knockhill. My...
  8. Leon

    BTCC - Thruxton Sunday - The Big Day

    Well done to Fabrizio Giovanardi, & well done to JP for today, he's just stated that his injuries or not he wouldn't of been any quicker today. I can't believe Matt Neal though...
  9. Leon

    Vauxhall draft in Menu while SEAT bring out Coronel for Thruxton

    And just seen Chris Hodgett's suggest it is Tom Coronel..
  10. Leon

    Ive been FR'd! Pics.

    I'm jealous. Very nice!
  11. Leon

    Whoops - Test drive goes wrong

    I've driven the Honda 2.2 diesel but in a CRV, still got plenty of go about it but I'd agree with some of the comments in that it doesn't seem as torquey like diesels usually do.
  12. Leon

    Got to Tank a Cupra round Knockhill

    I wouldn't want a car that had been driven really hard on the road. I suppose it's down to personal preference, same thing with former police cars, some say they are great, others say they are abused. Indeed, the instructors know how to handle the cars...!
  13. Leon

    Got to Tank a Cupra round Knockhill

    A month old ?, I sat my ARDS in early May and they'd just arrived a couple of weeks before. (thats what they said). Maybe Knockhill get a good turnover of Leon's from SEAT. I always wonder where they go after being used at Knockhill. I wouldn't touch one with a barge pole all the different...
  14. Leon

    BTCC 2008 predictions

    I think it was towards the end of 2005 I heard Jason was pushing to get a "step up" to the WTCC team.
  15. Leon

    Got to Tank a Cupra round Knockhill

    Were you rev limited on it ? I did the experience in the Ibiza last August (23rd infact) and it was max 4k rpm. But I sat my ARDS test this year for my racing licence at Knockhill in the Leon and got to use all the rev range ! think the most i got was 120mph, but i still felt so in control...
  16. Leon

    BTCC 2008 predictions

    I'd be gutted personally if Plato left SEAT and the BTCC. But I heard a rumour a while ago he was a bit annoyed when SEAT recruited new drivers to the WTCC, where he would like to be. From a career point of view I don't blame him for wanting to be world champion!
  17. Leon

    BTCC Brands Hatch TV coverage

    Jason's done his fair share of winning himself this year while Darren's been getting tangled up.
  18. Leon

    Cupra Brothers!

    I had a black car once, they are stunning. Whilst they stay clean! That is a nice shine, I'm afraid it'd be yellow for me though. :)
  19. Leon

    BTCC Brands Hatch TV coverage

    Had to laugh at Chilton's comment on JP, "Basically he ran out of talent". Ha, you're just jealous cos you'll never be as good as the Platomeister!
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