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  1. Cupra Iain

    Seat covers.

    Tell them to respect your ride, or walk. It's a simple choice. Demonstrate your point by dumping your mother at the kerb at the first sight of a cake. You can make the idea appealing to your girlfriend by explaining the weight she could lose by not eating chocolate when in your car. It's...
  2. Cupra Iain

    60mm gauge in 52mm pod???

    It depends on how much you can justify spending to be honest, the Defi BF's are super sweeet, but by the time i'd bought them and paid my mechanic to install them and hard wire em in to the ignition (i'm not great with electrics) it'd cost me around about £500 for 2 gauges... And then i sold...
  3. Cupra Iain

    60mm gauge in 52mm pod???

    You CAN get the nomad pillar in 60mm, just ask them when you order and they'll kindly do the dremmel job. I had the Defi BF gauges in my Leon (see 3rd post in this thread) http://www.seatcupra.net/forums/showthread.php?t=193960 And yeah, you do need the control unit for the series link...
  4. Cupra Iain

    show us your gauges!

    Defi electronic gauges, boost and oil pressure...
  5. Cupra Iain

    60 mm gauges - Will it fit in the air vent?

    yep, RobDon did it with 60mm Defi gauges...
  6. Cupra Iain

    007p'd my Leon but not very loud

    Carbonio CAI gave mine some good noise, Awesome GTI stock them
  7. Cupra Iain

    what pillar pod n boost gauge to get

    The best gauges IMHO are the defi electronic gauges, but they aren't cheap! Had them in my Cupra and they were awesome!
  8. Cupra Iain

    Won't rev over 3000rpm

    Had something similar on my A4 and it turned out to be a blocked fuel filter...
  9. Cupra Iain

    Ferrari biting the hand that feeds it...surely not!

    If they want to cut costs why don't the FIA put out a tender to develop a standard KERS system as current;y each team much develop their own, and this is costing between $20M-$30M for each team. Their are real world benefits for the manufacturers, but unless Williams, Force India & Red Bull...
  10. Cupra Iain

    007p'd my Leon but not very loud

    A decent CAI will give you some good induction noise and the whooshy sound you crave so much, but aren't you just better spending your money on a remap rather than spunking another £200 or so changing your filter just to make some noise???
  11. Cupra Iain

    New SEAT world premier at paris motorshow

    Although i'm disappointed in SEAT for showing a huge lack of imagination with the Exeo, it does make very good sense. The B7 A4 is still a very good car, and when spec'd up (as i'm sure SEAT will do) it would make a good alternative to Vectra's/Mondeos for fleet companies if the price is...
  12. Cupra Iain

    Price of diesel

    my daily commute is 130 miles, i can just about manage on an £75-80 tank if i restrain myself...
  13. Cupra Iain

    Playstation PSN Gamer Tags

  14. Cupra Iain

    Price of diesel

    118.9 in Catterick today, and 120.9 in Peterborough yesterday! Scandalous!
  15. Cupra Iain

    Finally, a clean car and some sunlight!

    It's the top of the Royal Armouries car park Rik...
  16. Cupra Iain

    Finally, a clean car and some sunlight!

    Here's the first decent pics i've been able to get since i had my tints done...
  17. Cupra Iain

    A £4000 mod for my LCR!

    I had R3VO U on my Cupra (revo u) and paid the grand sum of £250 including the transfer... I could understand spunking that much if it was D3 ANO, or even D33 ANO, but D333 ANO just looks like a standard plate to most people, or at best one of those that go for £79 in the back of The Sun...
  18. Cupra Iain

    What will improve the noise & performance of my TDi?

    Not a SEAT, but i've got an A4 2.0 TDi. What can i do to improve the performance and noise? I'm getting revo in the new year, but what else can i do? It's a company car so i can't really replace the airbox with a cone filter, but would a panel filter make much difference? Any other...
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