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  1. Leon fr 1.8 tsi apr dyno results

    Hi all thought id post up results of my apr remap done at scm crosshands. Wow is all i can say, the car has gone from linear, calm and pretty quick to ,,,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!###### Outrageously quick and great fun, car is smooth and sedate untill you bury the accelerator and it just takes off. In...
  2. Speaker upgrade choice

    You wont need 8 inch speakers just use backing plate/ inserts for smaller better quality speakers
  3. 1.8 TSI FR Tuning

    Im booked in for friday for an apr remap on my 1.8tsi leon sc manual. Cant wait !!!!!
  4. Looking for help to buy first Seat Leon

    I own a 1.8 sc 2017 26000 miles paid 10500 back in december. No problems car drives great gets about 40mpg driving steady .really smooth engine, pretty effortless drive and can move pretty quick when reved. I come from having a 1.9tdi ibiza and also 120d bmw. I do miss the torque a bit in the...
  5. Rear Window 'side' spoilers

    Google the part number plenty of sellers or dealers
  6. Res Delete

    Had mine done at longlife for like 70 quid
  7. Anyone tried Racechip?

    Checkout darkside development on you tube. They have a new vid comparig all the trash tuning boxes..
  8. Tuning box for fr 1.4 150

    Checkout darkside development on you tube. New vid comparing all the trash tuning boxes
  9. 184 remap

    Checkout darkside development on youtube they have a new vid comparing tuning boxes, they are all trash.
  10. Boot Dents

    Maybe get some less powefull gas struts, or take one off and try that.
  11. Window opening on its own

    First thing to try is change the switch
  12. Noise help

    Why not stick a gopro session to each corner of the car outside one corner at a time to find where the noise is loudest to help you locate.
  13. be on your guard

    Chav scrotum scum. Good pic man. I installed bink camera recently
  14. Res Delete 1.8tsi

    Bro had my 1.8tsi manual done at longlife for 75 quid. Car makes nice sound on startup and you can hear a bit of exhaust noise at 3 thousand revs the rest of the time its like normal. No drone on motorway at all.
  15. Mk3 Leon St 1.8TSI (6mt) performance clutch/IS20 Turbo

    Also car will strugle to put power down with the map as its front wheel drive
  16. Mk3 Leon St 1.8TSI (6mt) performance clutch/IS20 Turbo

    Basically dude you have no clutch upgrade options so it isnt worth doing in my opinion.
  17. Mk3 Leon St 1.8TSI (6mt) performance clutch/IS20 Turbo

    Thank you tilon for the reply. Im going to leave the car stock and wait to upgrade to a cupra.
  18. Remap or Superchip? Seat Leon FR - 1.8 TSI

    @deepfr99 did you get the map done i have the same car in 6 speed manual. How is it and what did you get let us know thanks
  19. Mk3 Leon St 1.8TSI (6mt) performance clutch/IS20 Turbo

    Hi i have the same car ,looking at apr remap. did you do the upgrades turbo and clutch what clutch did you get abd how is it all
  20. Best Custom mappers?

    I have the same car but in manual 6 speed trying to find a clutch upgrade is hard going. Apr remap has quoted me a remap with 240hp 280ftlb torque. Revo remap is really smooth by the way. Ley me know how it all goes
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