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  1. adm013

    Low oil levels no leaks...?

    Good advice not go straight out and put high load/rpm on the engine straight away from cold. But at the same time the engine oil will warm up much quicker with the car driving along with low load/rpm on the engine than with the car sitting at idle in theory with the relatively cold oil...
  2. adm013

    Low oil levels no leaks...?

    I don't think that warming the car up for 10 minutes before driving is entirely necessary? Probably does more harm than good in he long run I would think. Andy
  3. adm013

    Low oil levels no leaks...?

    I doubt it is much to worry about, but good to keep an eye on it anyway, see how it goes? Andy
  4. adm013

    Low oil levels no leaks...?

    I don't think that amount in 6 months is to much to worry about, I'm sure your aware that cars go through oil anyway, the amount varies with each car but not uncommon for up to a litre between services. Is you car burning oil out the exhaust, is it a high mileage car? Andy
  5. adm013

    Oil Change

    Just my 2 pence worth, I wouldn't be sticking a screw driver through the oil filter unless it was the last resort. They "should" only be hand tight. Andy
  6. adm013

    Cruise Control retrofit

    Under the plastic cover that runs the width of the car covering the window wiper assembly. In the middle you will see 2 connections going into a smallish box, thats your ECU. Andy
  7. adm013

    My LC OEM exhaust

    Hi, mine has been like this for 3 years and hasn't fallen off, its just a double skin on it. Andy
  8. adm013

    Oil Catch Tank..Why you need one.

    Sorry my wording was probably a bit off, i understand the idea behind it and i get what your saying with regards to the pull of air aiding the movement of the oil through the system makes perfect sense. It put the frighteners on me when i did my FMIC and removed the pipe between the wing coolers...
  9. adm013

    Oil Catch Tank..Why you need one.

    Hi there, Aside form the environmental factors would it be better to have the hose (vent) from the "clean" side of the catch can going to the atmosphere instead of back into the TIP as the oily air mix wouldn't be the best for the combustion process. I know the differences might not be...
  10. adm013

    wheel nut help

    I would say that they would be strong enough, just got to get a good bite the first time. Don't know if it would be possible to tack weld on another bolt to the inside of the hex, space might be an issue? Instead of heat to loosen, have you tried usind that cold shock spray that loctie make...
  11. adm013

    Static Shocks of Leon

    I used to get this, some of the shocks were pretty uncomforable aswell, i came to the conclusion after a lot of pissing about it was my foot wear, got rid of the trainers.....haven't had an issue since! Worked for me anyway. Andy
  12. adm013

    Touch up kit

    Went to Halfords and got some mixed. Had a bit of bother finding the paint code on thier system, but in the end they got it, it was under VW,or Audi or another car of the group, cant remember, same paint code though. Andy
  13. adm013

    Cruise Control retrofit

    Fitted to mine to my LCR, 3 hours (ish). A bit more tricky i think than the TDI's, you have to fiddle about with pins to the ECU. This took a while on mine as there were already blanks in thier place. For anyone following the VW teeside guide, for the pin allocations use the one with the most...
  14. adm013

    Where are all the LCR's?

    Come on, Scotland is a big place!! You must have watched that crappy Peugeot advert to many times! :D Andy (North West Scotland)
  15. adm013

    LCR Alternator

    Could always get it refurbished? Andy
  16. adm013

    Bumper Removal

    Putting it back on is fairly straight forward, on each side there is 3 channels that have to line up with plastic guides, have a look and it will become obvious, i put a bit of fairly liquid on them to make it easier. You might need a hand with putting it back on, i just used bit and bobs to...
  17. adm013

    Size on Steeringwheel hex bolt?

    If its the same as the LCR i believe it to be a M12 XZN, it not a hex but its similar to a spline bit. Andy
  18. adm013

    Bumper Removal

    Look up any guide on installing a FMIC on here, or go to Forge website and you will see a guide on removal of bumper for FMIC instalation. For re-fitting just take the time to see how it goes on and its pretty straight forward. Andy
  19. adm013

    Overtightened oil filter!

    Dont stick a screw driver through it unless it is the very last resort, and if you do this prepare for a real headache of a job trying to remove what remains of it. All you need to do is get the seal cracked and it will unscrew, like it has been said that guy before hasn't put oil round the seal...
  20. adm013

    Engine Advice Needed Please

    Does it go from one side to the other, silver pipe about 2.5 inch diameter? If so it joins you side mount intercoolers together. Andy
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