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  1. Smoo

    Mk5 platform suspension

    Hi all. looks like I need to replace my rear shocks after running standard shocks with a 45mm drop for over a year. I’ve came across someone selling some short shocks from a mk5 platform, looks like he’s had them on a Leon. am I right in assuming the rears should be a direct fit with Ibiza top...
  2. Smoo

    Engine bay fuses/power steering issues.

    Hi all. This week i suddenly lost power steering on my 2013 2.0 tdi fr. When I have scanned the car I get 2 faults Instrument cluster 13638912 CAN network gateway 01309 power steering control module. I was pointed in the direction of the fuse box in the engine bay. (Usually on top of the...
  3. Smoo

    Facory aux port

    I’ve just bought a used hazard switch for in front of the gearstick so I can do the relocation as I’m running a double din nav. The switch panel I have bought has a factory aux port on. I was planning on soldering on a aux to rca cable so that the port can be used with my head unit. However...
  4. Smoo

    Ibiza Button Panel Relocation Wire

    Hi can someone send me the wiring diagram/pin outs so I can make a Loom for this. Thanks Sam
  5. Smoo

    Ibiza fr bits n bobs

    Hi mate. I got mine from craft and just cut it in place with a sharp knife. black grill looks well too if your good at painting
  6. Smoo

    Removing seat bases

    Hi all. the side bolster on my drivers seat base of my fr is on it’s way out. has anyone removed the base from the fame and can tell me how hard a job it is?? I’m considering swapping my passenger seat base with the drivers for the time being thanks in advance.
  7. Smoo

    Stance drop links

    Hi all Is anyone using stance shortened drop links? My Ibiza is lowered about 40mm on springs, and the standard links had play and the other was bent so I replaced them with the above mentioned. Once fitted they had a hurrendous knock and kept coming loose. We have changed the nylon lock...
  8. Smoo

    Electric mirrors

    Hi all. I know this has been covered various times but I’m completely stumped with this. I’ve got a 2013 ibiza fr, when I got it the electric mirrors would fold about ten mil max using the switch on the door. I tried the “window reset” I now have the drivers mirror folding however when it...
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