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  1. Ibiza FR 1.2 tsi EPC fault light and emissions fault light

    Do we knoif the replacements being fitted are updated versions? Or is it only a matter of time before it goes again? Cars coming up to major service and 3 new tyres and wondering if it is worth investing in it or consider other options. Car already out of warranty so if it goes again not sure...
  2. Ibiza FR 1.2 tsi EPC fault light and emissions fault light

    Good luck! had mine done last week out of warrenty. Seat contributed to the replacement and cost me £106 in the end.
  3. 1.2TSi - rattle on cold start

    It was at SMC-Exeter if otgers in the area need similar work done. Car seems to run better now and engine less noisy....hoping the mpg will rise too like others have found!
  4. 1.2TSi - rattle on cold start

    Just as an update on my 1.2 tsi, took it into dealer for first mot and asked that they look at the rattle on mine. They replaced the chain snd tensioner under warrenty with new spec versions. The car was in for service just over a month ago and was not picked up so my recommendation is to make...
  5. Just taken delivery of FR Edition ACT

    What do people get at motorway speeds? 70-80mph or so? Thinking of sn st version to replace our 1.2 tsi somewhere down the line
  6. 1.2TSi - rattle on cold start

    Is this something that can be changed under warranty on request?
  7. hi newbee with a question on aircon cc

    can confirm that with my car if the outside temperature is too cold a/c star will not show, as it warms it will then appear...
  8. Revo stage 1 FR TDI vs standard LCR....???

    0-60 no chance, mid range maybe just about, anything above 110 I would expect the lcr to pull away, my leon cupra (not an r) was re-mapped before I bought a fr tdi (again remapped), and the fr doesn't feel like it would threaten that at all if I'm honest, the cupra just feels a lot lighter and...
  9. Does mk1 LCR have to have XL/Extra Load rated tyres?

    personally I found the 452's to be absolute cack, no confidence in the rain used to waterplane like mad! Got a pair of Goodyear eagle f1 ASM 2's on now and the difference is night and day, they are a brilliant tyre and always come highly commended in the tyre tests
  10. leon pd150 sachs clutch help.....

    i got a quote very recently for £268 for the done job
  11. The Best But Affordable Tyres?

    im not enjoying the 452's on my car, find the wet performance is terrible compared to contisport 2's i had previously.....probably going to get a set of Goodyear Eagle ASM 2 tyres next as they seem to be highly rated
  12. Beeping noise....

    ive had this intermittendly too, usually fixed by driving for a bit and restarting car, would be interested in the proper resolution to this problem...
  13. Delighted with TDI mpg

    on a run up to london recently was getting close to 50mpg, and that was 75-80 most of the way, to get anything above that you must really be crawling...way back was low 40's though ;)
  14. strange gearbox/clutch behaviour

    is there anywhere i can look on the outside/any levels to check to see if there is a loss of fluid? i know the slave cylinder is in the clutch housing so cant check that itself without the gearbox being cracked open.....
  15. strange gearbox/clutch behaviour

    I am driving a 2005 Seat Leon FR TDI which has been remapped, it has now done 89k miles and had a new ceramic sports clutch fitted a couple of thousand miles after the re-map at around 66k, Recently there has been some strange behaviour with my clutch/gearbox which im not sure what is the...
  16. HELP EPC and Engine Light!!!!!

    thats standerd, its always does that? just doing system checks and stuff, you need to be worried when the lights are on whilst engine is running.....
  17. obd bluetooth

    1234 didn't seem to work for me.... mine looks like this; thanks for any help
  18. obd bluetooth

    i also have the blue one....after a rom upgrade on my phone it forgot the pairing password for the bluetooth connection....was wondering if someone with a manual to hand could remind me of it, i tried 0000, 1234 etc but didn't want to pair.... thanks for any help,
  19. Diagnostics and Live data for android phones

    mines a mk1 cupra and doesn't have the trip computer....:( hence android possibility....
  20. Diagnostics and Live data for android phones

    bump.... looking into this kind of solution and wondering what success people have had.....does this software give a mpg readout in the leon cupra? and can in work as a trip computer? thanks for any info....
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