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  1. Car stereo help

    Sean, The part number is 6J0858061A It's an original Seat part, but it's difficult to get I think.
  2. Car stereo help

    Sean, What stereo do you have? I've seen pictures of fascias/adapters that let you keep the original hazard switch in place, but I've never been able to actually find one for sale. See this thread: https://www.seatcupra.net/forums/threads/install-single-din-headunit.434565/
  3. 6J Toca Head Unit Upgrade - Yay or Nay?

    Sean - I didn't post an update, but I got there in the end, after much research and messing about. I didn't go for the Zenec radio in the end, mainly because I couldn't find one. I ended up fitting a Pioneer SPH-DA230DAB Double DIN unit. I'd recommend this as the way forward. I did post a...
  4. Ibiza fault help?

    Sounds like an issue with a module,or potentially loose electrics, but it's really not easy to say without looking. If you can't get to a garage, consider buying a £10 Bluetooth OBD scanner from Amazon or somewhere, and use the Torque app on an Android device to scan for any codes.
  5. Hazard Switch Relocation: Pinout and How To

    I've got a Pioneer SPH-DA230DAB, which I managed to get for £220 but usually go for around £300. I'm very happy with it, fits excellently with the car. Have a look at some reviews on YouTube before you buy.
  6. FR Entertainment System

    Yes, they do come with the Garmin/Navigon Seat PID unit as standard, and that does have built in Bluetooth. I have to say in my experience as with a lot of other people, the Bluetooth is unreliable at best, especially for audio streaming. You can replace the head unit, but it's not the simplest...
  7. Hazard Switch Relocation: Pinout and How To

    Hopefully this is allowed... I've posted this in another thread, but hadn't got round to actually trying it myself until this week. So, for anyone looking to relocate the hazard switch in order to fit another head unit, there is a very well written guide here (The guide is originally in...
  8. Ibiza Button Panel Relocation Wire

    Guys: Don't know for sure, but might have got somewhere with this. Here is a link to a french forum (via Google Translate) that gives a full pinout by the looks of it...
  9. 6J Toca Head Unit Upgrade - Yay or Nay?

    Hi Guys, First post here so please be gentle... :D I've just bought a 2014 Ibiza Toca, which I think is great, apart from the Garmin Nav system - not because I don't like the way it works, I just don't like the separate screen sitting on the dash. I'm looking to get an integrated system...
  10. Ibiza Button Panel Relocation Wire

    Would also be interested in that Diagram if anyone can send me it? Cheers
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