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  1. what have you done to your car today ?

    Painted my wheels and calipers! Coilovers Next week
  2. AUQ inlet breather split!

    Think so it's only about 12mm diameter and is about 30cm long and looks like an S Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. AUQ inlet breather split!

    I apologise first I've looked at diagrams but nothing seems right! One of hen inlet manifold pipes has split! On my AUQ LC if you take off the metal pcv plate at the front and look under the manifold there are two pipes close together the one on the right has split can someone tell me if this is...
  4. How Much?

    Yeah I wish I could have afforded an R but just wasn't at the right time! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. How Much?

    Sound mines blue mate been told not very common! I'm up on Victoria road! What you buying? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. How Much?

    I'm surprised to mate I honestly not seen it! I'm sure I'd have noticed! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. How Much?

    Ha ha im in Cleveleys too mate! Iv've not seen your car before there is a Red LCR ive seen couple of times! Mines Just a Blue Cupra not R version!
  8. How Much?

    Id wait till May do some research first before making your ad! Go on Autotrader / Pistonhead's / Ebay see what similar LCR's are going for! Then Put a price up! If its to dear you will get no interest so reduce the price!
  9. My New Mk1 Leon Cupra

    Got a new key and programmed it in happy I have remote locking now! Opening the car with key was a pain ha
  10. quick question regarding windows

    Really not worth paying a garage mate it's easy enough! Ha
  11. quick question regarding windows

    It is a bit tricky! There is a plastic 10mm nut in the middle of the housing and the same on the right and side right next to the wing! I used a deep reach socket and extension to get to it but it's doable!
  12. quick question regarding windows

    I resealed my pollen filter housing as it soaked passenger side foot well! I must admit the scuttle panel trim that sits ontop of the pollen filter is a terrible fit i spent about 20 minutes re jigging it! But saying that the previous owner has lost the screws to keep it in place!
  13. what have you done to your car today ?

    Investigated passenger foot well leak! Removed wipers/ scuttle panel and pollone filter / housing removed all the muck and leaves! re sealed the housing and fitted new filter!
  14. rubbish radio reception here is why !

    I know its not 100% related but iv'e just fitted my Alpine head unit and the aerial adapter that came with the facia has a blue wire attached to to which need's connected up to the blue wire on the ISO Harness! I treied without first and the signal was rubbish! But If my signal gets bad ill...
  15. Dump Valve Confusion?!

    Which dump valve have you got?
  16. what have you done to your car today ?

    I need to do this to mine ive just ordered some of the Butyl tape. Did you clean all the residue off once the old seal was removed?
  17. seat dealer to fix my leak?

    Ive only had my LC for a week and the passenger footwell is wet but drivers side is ok Im gonna try the pollen filter housing first then the door!
  18. My New Mk1 Leon Cupra

    Thanks guys
  19. My New Mk1 Leon Cupra

    Thanks for sorting photos out I tried using the usual forum [ img ] (without spaces) tag but I just got the little icon saying can't be viewed any pointers on that? The car is clean I looked at 2 others before choosing this one! It's on 103,000 4 owners from new FSH! I didn't even notice that...
  20. My New Mk1 Leon Cupra

    Alright guys, after my Mk3 Ibiza Cupra was written off i decided to look at Mk1 Leon Cupra's I looked at a few and i stumbled across this completely standard one i went a viewed it and left a deposit! very happy with it so far! The handling isn't quite as sharp as the Ibiza but its still...
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