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  1. Bye bye Ibiza

    Tomorrow I will be saying goodbye to my 2010 1.6TDi Ibiza. I will be quite sad to see it go. The Ibiza was a 'downsize' from my MkVI Golf, the £100+ a month I saved in HP, insurance and fuel was necessary at the time as we wanted to move house. In that regard it has been the best 'value' car I...
  2. Emissions recall 'insurance' policy

    Has anyone who's had the emissions recall work done received a letter from Seat regarding potential goodwill payments for any future issues with certain elements of the emissions system? I had the recall work done probably 6-9 months ago and shortly after started to get the various warning...
  3. 1.6 Tdi DPF light

    Looks like I'm going to collect the 'full set' of VAG Tdi issues. Having had a new EGR valve and cooler back in March, the dreaded DPF light has now started appearing. The car had been sat on the drive for two weeks while we were on holiday so when I got back I decided to give it a bit of a...
  4. rear suspension bush, replace arm?

    Well I just had my OS anti-roll bar linkage done for £60 parts and labour. Is the quote from a dealership or independent garage?
  5. Scraping and knocking from steering

    It was a broken anti-roll bar linkage, just £60 to get it fixed. Seems a bit of a coincidence that it happened right after getting the EGR done but for £60 I'm not going to worry.
  6. 1.2 TSI engine "stuttering"

    I'm far from an expert, but your symptoms sound similar to my EGR valve woes (mine would stutter when changing gear and feeding the power back in) which ironically didn't always show a warning light / error code. Age and mileage would make it a candidate.
  7. 2010 1.6TDi EGR Valve replacement query

    I'm assuming, given where you've posted this, that it is the dreaded EGR valve issue (your post isn't specific)? In which case, given the mileage of the car, the fact that it's a known problem with VAG EGRs and you have full dealer service history, I would think you could maybe get a bit more...
  8. Coolant questions

    In nearly 20 years of motoring I've managed to avoid having anything to do with engine coolant. However I spotted the other day that it had dropped below the Min line on the expansion tank so I decided to top it up. Bought the correct stuff from Halfords, mixed roughly 50/50 with water and...
  9. Gap by handbrake - stuff falls into that area

    Definitely too much slack in the cable. I hate a loose handbrake cable me! I can only pull mine up 3 or 4 clicks.
  10. Scraping and knocking from steering

    Had the EGR and cooler unit replaced on my 1.6 TDi a few weeks ago (£££ ouch) and as we all know this is a big job as it is a bugger to get to. Since getting it back there is a 'scraping' noise whenever I turn left at any sort of speed, also if I happen to hit any sort of bump in the road...
  11. 1.6 Tdi lack of power

    New EGR finally fitted today, part is faulty so it's back in on Thursday. Turning into massive pain in the arse this! Wife went to pick it up and I asked her to take a picture of the part, unfortunately this is what I got! Can anyone tell me what I'm looking at here!
  12. My MkV Ibiza SC

    Can anyone tell me the official name of the colour? Photos taken when I bought in 2012, the weather was unseasonably warm for February! Has a few more car park dings in the doors since I took the photos [:@] https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By0IEFd9xksNb3FmSzF5QVJyTTQ/view?usp=sharing...
  13. 2010 1.6TDi EGR Valve replacement query

    Cheers MJ :cheers: That's pretty much what I was thinking. It may cost me a bit of money to keep it on the road, but will certainly be cheaper than a new car. I wouldn't say I'm 'worried' about the emissions recall, it's just that as a previous owner of a MkIV Golf, MkVI Golf and a current...
  14. 2010 1.6TDi EGR Valve replacement query

    I just wanted to add my Ibiza to the long list of low to mid mileage 1.6 TDi engines having EGR problems. 2010 plate, 62k miles and coming up with a P040100 fault. Don't know the full details yet, had it in the garage last week who confirmed the fault but due to Easter weekend they're not...
  15. 1.6 Tdi lack of power

    Well, my daily commute is 20 miles each way, mainly on dual carriageway. I do about 12000 miles a year, in hindsight I shouldn't have bothered with the diesel. It looks like the daily stop-start battle to get out of the city and onto the A road has caught up with me after 4 years. I suppose...
  16. 1.6 Tdi lack of power

    Been to the garage today, coming up with fault code P040100 which is indeed the dreaded EGR fault. Anyone have more info on this code? It's from a Bosch diagnostic. Booked in again next week so they can have a 'proper' look at it as they're saying it might not be a full EGR replacement...
  17. 1.6 CR TDI acceleration juddering

    Hi apso, did you get this sorted, was it the EGR? I'm having a similar problem.
  18. 1.6 Tdi lack of power

    Trawl through some forums indicate it might be EGR valve. It's due a fuel stop so might put some of Shell's good stuff in it and give it an Italian tune up on the way home. Anybody have experience of using any of the EGR cleaning fluids / additives?
  19. 1.6 Tdi lack of power

    Hi All First a bit of history, the car has given me a few problems over the last 6 months, it had a new cambelt back in November (standard maintenance but was overdue depending on which website you look at). Shortly after it developed a fault which resulted in a new airflow meter being fitted...
  20. Thinking of getting 1.4TSI 180..

    I'd say the Ibiza interior is on par with Ford. I changed to an Ibiza after having two Golfs, remember that most of the switch gear in a Seat is VAG. The steering wheel and gear stick have a quality feel.
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