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  1. RobM

    bluefin or revo

    Nothing wrong with Superchips at all, it would be wrong to dismiss them entirely. As Kraken says, they've a vast amount of resource and experience out there and a long track-record. However... I went Revo because I trust their VAG-specific expertise, but also because they sell through a network...
  2. RobM

    Seat Official Servicing with "inclusive" Roadside Assistance - a warning

    Sounds very simple really - the dealer didn't register it for you when you had your car serviced. If they did, you would have received an email confirming the registration and confirming the expiry date of it.
  3. RobM

    Media System Problem...

    Mine was booked in for this problem last month, but under a warranty claim as it would have otherwise been chargeable according to Seat. In the end, they said that 're-coding' the unit might fix it, so they did that instead. I swear this is just technical B.S. lingo to make people go away...
  4. RobM

    Add on spoiler for 5 door FR

    The quote I got from Seat recently was a flat £300; they said it was a standard price out of the Seat accessory brochure.
  5. RobM

    Fr tdi 150/184 differences

    This may be more of an age or software difference, but I recently had a '16 plate 184 loaner while my 13' plate 150 was in for some work. Both equal spec otherwise and both DSG. The gearing on the 184 is quite different; in equal driving scenarios and speeds, the 184 sits at a higher engine...
  6. RobM

    MK3 Leon - dissapointing!

    Seat forgot how to build cars between 2013-2014. The first year of the 5F Leon is terribly made and all the things you mentioned aren't uncommon (I could add a few to the list myself). From '14 onwards, it all gets much, much better. I've had a few days where the rattling, buzzing and random...
  7. RobM

    what did you and your mk3 leon do today

    I got an email afterwards, but it's up to the dealer to register it for you so they need to learn about it quickly if they know nothing about it. It's optional, but free so you'd be daft not to take it since it's quite comprehensive (home start, Euro cover, etc).
  8. RobM

    WTF it has an economic mode

    Try it though, it's quite entertaining if you have the DSG gearbox, as it flicks it to Neutral when you lift off the throttle so you're just freewheeling along. Quite an odd sensation!
  9. RobM

    FR Useless reversing light

    I found it here: http://obdeleven.proboards.com/thread/764/coding-adaptations Adjusting the intensity of the reverse With this change we can adjust the light intensity reverse. 1 - Module 09 - Electronic. Code (31347) 2 - Adaptation 3 - Select - Leuchte29RFL RA64 4 - Sub - Dimmwert AB 29...
  10. RobM

    FR Useless reversing light

    I installed the reversing light from here yesterday; it's much, much brighter as well as being whiter. It has made a huge difference. I've also cranked up the power via OBDEleven to 125 so it has gone from useless to street lighting.
  11. RobM

    Carbon Look for 5.8" Media Display

    Does anybody know what the cut-off for this adaptation is, or what models do and don't work? My 13-plate FR with the Tech pack won't take to it, it applies the change but doesn't change the appearance.
  12. RobM

    Ipod menu options

    Since the SE Tech has the Sat Nav option as standard, buy yourself some SD cards and copy your music across to them, rather than the iPod. Have a read through some of the older threads in this forum about SD cards and you'll find everything you need - including unanimous agreement that the iPod...
  13. RobM

    Now remapped

    That's good to hear you're getting on well with BlueFin, as that's my favourite option as mine is a lease car ;)
  14. RobM

    Folding Mirrors

    At risk of asking a stupid question... why would you need to fold your mirrors at speed?
  15. RobM

    fuel flap idea

    Ahhh, I seeee. Thanks m0rk! I was sure it locked, but didn't know what part locked it. Thanks :)
  16. RobM

    fuel flap idea

    Then either I randomly lose all strength after locking my car, my car is broken, or I'm a mentalist. I suspect the latter, but I'm sure mine does lock closed. I'm gonna check... I'm not a mentalist, the fuel cover locks when the car is locked. Actually questioned my sanity for a second :-o
  17. RobM

    fuel flap idea

    Does it still secure the flap closed when the car is locked?
  18. RobM

    OEM ipod adapter for RNS-E

    This. It really is awful. It also locks out the iPod/iPhone so you can't even select your own tracks via the device itself. It's really bad. The SD slots are the way to go.
  19. RobM

    What IPOD Lead?

    I can whole-heartedly agree with the comments above about getting an SD card, it's so much easier to live with, much easier to navigate, far more flexible and means you don't have an expensive iPod in your car. SD cards are cheap these days and even a 16GB card goes a long way. They are also...
  20. RobM

    RNS - E Map Coverage

    Other than updated maps and POI's, is there any other difference between them?
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