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  1. lard44

    Leon 1P Vag-Com Cable ** Canbus OBD Diagnostics**

    Okay, having a little trouble with this... Bought one of these to talk to my mk2 Leon (1P) http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320600811682&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT But it doesn't work with VCDS or my old, old copy of vag-com 504.1 Is that likely to be because I was...
  2. lard44

    Will it look silly?

    Well I've been offered a set for peanuts so was just checking-I'll check the tyre dimensions!
  3. lard44

    Will it look silly?

    Trying to figure out in my head the implications of putting 17" SEAT alloys on my 1.9 TDi Leon, to replace the 16" steelies. Is it going to look like its on stilts? I know an inch doesn't sound like much, but last time I changed wheels on my old Ibiza they looked awful and I ended up...
  4. lard44

    Has anyone here remapped an Ecomotive?

    Well she's just had her second service up at AMD and they reckon they could Revo it and up the 105 to nearer 160 brake and add 100 torques without DPF issues...to me that's an insane power increase for a few hundred quid. Having done 20,000 trouble-free miles in her I think I'm ready for a...
  5. lard44

    Grants, Braintree

    Fair enough - my experience of Grants has been good, but when it was Johnsons I was repeatedly less than impressed...maybe it's not all changed for the better...
  6. lard44

    Grants, Braintree

    The mechanics have been there since it was a Toyota garage most of them - very good at their job. I've heard good things about Cheshunt SEAT - why did you choose Braintree over them if you're in Herts? (if you don't mind my asking...):confused:
  7. lard44


    I've used the Meguiars Quik Clay kit for years now - it's a pretty slow process but you can feel the difference on the surface of the metal as well as see it. Well worth it if you want your car looking factory fresh.
  8. lard44

    Anyone had problems with remaps?

    I know that sometimes a quite aggressive remap can lead to clutch slippage and excessive wear - the remap on my PD130 led to the clutch slipping when I dropped it too fast/hard. Never heard of fuel pumps struggling to keep up - IIRC remaps are theoretically supposed to increase fuel economy...
  9. lard44

    What do you do with your right arm?

    Both my arms are extended, slightly bent at the elbow, and gently gripped around the steering wheel, at approxomately the 'ten to two' position. At least that's what I told the Officer.
  10. lard44

    580 miles without filling up...

    It's still got 105PS so it's not that sluggish. I wasn't trying hard to get 630 out of a tank either - a combination of stop start traffic around London for a few hours and a couple of long motorway runs (circa 300miles). I don't even bother filling her up to the brim any more - £15 a week...
  11. lard44

    580 miles without filling up...

    630 to a tank is the record in my Ecomotive. What do I win?
  12. lard44

    Sub on parcel shelf

    Sounds like a terrible idea to me tbh...although good luck thread hunting...
  13. lard44

    Revooooooh !!

    Another happy remap customer...it's the future I tell you. (oh and technically it improves economy blah blah blah)
  14. lard44

    How old are you?

    26 - the Leon's the sensible car, the Boxster's my early mid-life crisis car. Thinking of growing a ponytail and a 'tache too.
  15. lard44

    What did you drive before you joined the LEON stable?

    Sheesh, where to begin 1) 1993 Rover 414 - written off 2) 2004 Fiat Punto 1.2 8v - traded in for 3) 2003 Seat Ibiza Sport PD130 - traded for 4) 2004 Seat Leon Cupra R - traded for 5) 2002 Porsche Boxster 3.2 S - the Summer car At the same time also owned 6) 1993 Mk2 Golf 1.8...
  16. lard44

    How many miles per full tank?

    Aaaand I'm spent.
  17. lard44

    How many miles per full tank?

    Just draining my full tank in my Leon Ecomotive - only filled her up to the first click with £50 (I was being stingy) and the light has just come on at 585 miles. I reckon I'll get another trip to work and back out of the tank before I'm too scared to go any further - so just over the 600 mark...
  18. lard44

    Grants, Braintree

    Previously Johnsons - bought out very recently and I've just bought my 3rd Seat from them. Have to be honest, the previous two times I bought a SEAT I went to them first because I live literally walking distance from the garage and found Johnsons less than helpful - bought one from Westerham...
  19. lard44

    Has anyone here remapped an Ecomotive?

    Yeah I was trying to get the dealer to do it as part of the purchase price...but no go... What was their experience like? Did they change the wheels? Much better/poorer economy?
  20. lard44

    Has anyone here remapped an Ecomotive?

    Economy is a priority - but i just wondered about the possibility of remapping. It might happen somewhere down the line...but I've got a Boxster for when I feel like dropping the right foot! Eventually I might put nicer wheels on it i.e. some half-decent alloys, + remap - happy days. For...
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