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  1. Shrek

    Quattro Cupra R Mk2 Project

    Love seeing ambitious projects like this, although I would never have the guts to do this!
  2. Shrek

    MK2 Leon Cupra R! - Speed Blue. *Induction and Splitter Page2/3 - 09/02/14*

    Looks really nice, as others have said I'd stick with the standard wheels. IMHO they look just dandy as they are. One hell of a journey, good effort! ;) Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  3. Shrek

    esp light on

    Hi all, My wife's Leon seems to have developed this ABS fault, i.e. ESP light on/won't go off. It's not gone into the dealers yet and she got an extended warranty at the time of purchase which would appear to cover it. What I was however wondering is, if it is this issue, and the ABS pump is...
  4. Shrek

    Cupra TDI & FR TDI Exhausts

    Same here as S3 AKR ordered a Cupra and got an FR (54 plate). I think I was probably amongst the first to get an FR, it came with the FR wheels, wing mirrors and badges, but oddly ALSO came with the 6 disc changer and a Cupra badge at the back...
  5. Shrek

    Fuel Light - Cupra

    As usual... it depends! You don't mention whether it is the Petrol or diesel Cupra (was there a TDi cupra in 2002?) so it's bit of a how long is a piece of string question... In my TDi FR I get somewhere between 40-60 miles, I've not dared push it further...
  6. Shrek

    Air Con not working in old shape 130 TDI

    Mine is about 2 years old and has just started to develop the same sort of problem. Basically stationary stuck in traffic you can hear the fan trying to come on and really draining the engine but the air coming out tends to be the same as the ambient temperature. However once you get out of...
  7. Shrek

    Leon PD150 Launch

    I guess that's because it's not really an auto box, in the traditional sense at least. The reason traditional autos aren't as good is because they have a liquid coupling, whereas DSG is a mechnical coupling, it just uses tricks to make the gear change very slick... at least that's how I...
  8. Shrek

    Xbox Live Gamer tags

  9. Shrek

    I want that one!!

    Ouch! Guess it might make the traction control work even harder than it already does!?
  10. Shrek

    air-con and 2oC?

    You don't say if it is a petrol or a TDi, but if it is the TDi then it won't heat up very quickly at all, especially if you just leave it on your drive to idle. No idea how quickly the 1.8's warm up but imagine they'll be like any other petrol engine.
  11. Shrek

    Leon Interior dampened handles?

    I know my Leon FR ones are damped - no idea if they'll fit your Ibiza though...
  12. Shrek

    air-con and 2oC?

    Not quite! All that happens is that the compressor which is used to cool air won't run, you'll still get heat from the engine (if there is any from cold). Out of interest you didn't have the electric front windscreen heater on your Focus that only Ford seem to do did you...?
  13. Shrek

    Drove the 140bhp TDi

    Odd... they do on my Leon FR. I know they do it at motorway speeds as I had a bit of newspaper whip up and get stuck onto the drivers side wing mirror. Thought it was going to be a pain to open the window and dislodge it and then realised I could flick the mirrors in and back out - worked a...
  14. Shrek

    Dension Install

    Pah! You'd be surprised! That's what my Dad is for! ;)
  15. Shrek

    Dension Install

    Was it difficult to fit and does it come with instructions? I'm mainly worried about the routing it from A to B. I had seen that it was compatible with the cable but don't want it clattering around loose! Feel, and ideas who made the mount? Cheers.
  16. Shrek

    VW/Audi flip key

    On my key it says it on the side of the plipper bit - mine says it's made by Hella and 433 MHz no idea if this is the bit that you need to know for the flip key though.
  17. Shrek

    Dension Install

    Looking to get something like this for my Nano, just not sure where to put it at the moment as I have a works phone kit fitted in that position at the moment... any ideas? Can you get a bracket to mount one on top of the other? With the Nano being small I'm thinking of putting it up to the...
  18. Shrek

    Hi Everyone - Looking at TDi FR 150

    Lol - I know the feeling! Car was in for a service a few weeks back and they gave me an Ibiza 2.0l (S or something?) and it gave me back ache even though I'm not a sufferer of back problems and worse than that it was a completely gutless engine, it drove no better than a 1.4... was so glad to...
  19. Shrek

    Hi Everyone - Looking at TDi FR 150

    TBH this is what I've thought as well, generally I think I prefer the Cupra/FR front to the R one, although I have to say I do like the LCR alloys... Anyway nice pics mate, glad you are happy with the motor, did you get the scratch sorted? Is it reasonably minor? Nothing looked obvious from...
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