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  1. Glove box insert

    I'm looking for the same... even on the scrapyards I cannot find anything. maybe going to Seat to buy a brand new one
  2. 2003 amk lcr

    I have a problem with my car. Sometimes the engine just shut down like there is no fuel to go into the engine... I switch off and turn on again and most of the times it is ok... The code that give to me with vids is 17987- Throttle actuator (J338) P1579 - 35-00 - Adaptation not...
  3. original coils or uprated?

    as the title shows, does anyone tried uprated coils? does they do better than original on remapped cars? found this on ebay and not sure if they are ok or not. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/122614492385...
  4. Cambelt and Water pump replacement costs?

    I bought mine From INA with water pump for £120. I will change the end of August when I go on holidays for my country as it will cost me nothing to change. I still have more than 10k miles for the service but will change all belts and all material.....
  5. Lcr 2003

    I don't know if the car is remapped or not. the only thing I know is that have a huge FMIC. What do you advise? I want to make the car as new. so the top ones can be original but upgrade the dogbone bushes for what? any brand?
  6. Lcr 2003

    I will do a full maintenance of my car, including all bushes. My question is, for the engine support including dogbone, should I go for original or should I go for a better ones with better quality? I'm not sure about this as I have never made this change before and after reading some topics I...
  7. Lcr amk

    it is not the fuse as it was the first thing I checked... and changed for a new one just to make sure
  8. Glovebox MK1

  9. Lcr amk

    AMK is the engine code wich means 1.8t with 210bhp. so the LCR should be between 2000 and 2005. but to be more specific a 2003 Seat Leon Cupra R, with engine code AMK and 210bhp
  10. Glovebox MK1

    does anyone know the part number or where I can find a glove box but without the support for the cd-changer... I have an aftermarket radio and a hole in the glove box, so I'm trying to find one second hand but without the hole. I know that exists but it is very hard to find even on the scrapyards...
  11. Boost Gauge

    I bought a boost gauge, but I have a question for my LCR. I know where to install one of the tubes to get the pressure, but where I connect the other side to get the vacuum? I had a Seat Toledo 1.9 TDI back in my country and had one but only gave the boost pressure, but as this is a petrol...
  12. Lcr amk

    recently I got the ABS light on, so I checked the error with vag-com and found more than that.... Address 08: Auto HVAC Labels: 1M0-820-043.lbl Part No: 1M0 820 043 E Component: 1M-CLIMATRONIC X0702 Coding: 00041 Shop #: WSC 06402 VCID...
  13. 2 problems LCR MK1

    I have 2 problems... I went to kwik-fit to recharge my air con... they said that was working, but after I turn on the air con on the motorway I realised that is not working... I set it for LOW and the air coming out was normal.... What can I do? the second problem is that my spoiler brake...
  14. turbo k03 vs k04

    Just wondering what are the differences between the turbos and if the k04 fits directly in a LCR or need any modification?
  15. Lcr 03

    I bought from amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01KFO6XWE/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 see the link
  16. Exaust for LCR

    I was reading and I'm not sure about one thing... I want to improve my exhaust, I do not want to get too much noise. Going for de cat or a sport cat... not sure about the M.O.T. after that. Want to keep more or less legal. What options I have? the good and bad points of each type. Apologise...
  17. Sussex/Surrey meet 15th April 7pm Tesco Crawley

    Just to let you know that I will arrive around 7.30pm and 8pm at the local
  18. internal engine cleaning LCR AMK

    thank you. I hope I can see the results for better....
  19. Lcr 03

    some things that arrived this week... I have this... I'm thinking to buy the top metal thing of the VW Polo, or just go for the original rubber top mounts... Some pictures of the engine bay and how badly the intercooler pipes were fit... Can I haver any advice on this...
  20. internal engine cleaning LCR AMK

    I bought a Liqui Moly motor clean engine flush and a Liqui Moly Ceratec. I'm thinking to use the engine flush to clean the internal of the engine and use the Ceratec with a good 5w30 fully synthetic engine oil. Some friends tell me that I should not do it as my car have 127k miles and can ruin...
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